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Watching Ana in the locker room

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Watching Ana in the locker roomWatching Ana in the locker roomWhen living in L.A., Ana convinced me to start going to the gym with her. She had been going for some time to have some workout and she said it would be fine for my own health and my body…She wanted to gain some strength and look better, because she was then approaching her forties. I thought she looked fine going to the gym; it made her feel better… Ana was very loyal to this gym in particular: it was located close to her office and so early mornings and late nights the gym was in her daily routine. She would come home and tell me about all the achievements and strides she had made. When she asked me to come with her I hesitated a little bit, but finally I accepted. I would go with her and lift some weights on a machine for sure…After about a week I noticed our workouts would get later or earlier than I liked. One early morning I was surprised when I saw there was another couple in the gym. I had seen them before; a younger black couple. He was the typical gym guy budging out of his shirts and looking like something carved in ebony. She on the other hand was fit not a bit of extra fat on her and her workout clothing let everyone know it.While my sweet Ana was doing her sets I could watch the ebony woman with my back yüreğir escort turned to her. She was almost putting herself on display for me. Her husband got up and looked in my direction; then he went into the lockers while she stayed on the machine. When my set came up I put on more weight than I should have maybe thinking I would impress that ebony beauty. After copious grunts and struggles I finished and noticed that the room was empty. Ana and the ebony couple where nowhere to be seen. As I made my way to the locker room I began to hear muffled sounds. As I got closer I heard a woman’s voice. I looked around one last time and did not see a single soul. I slowly pushed the door open and peaked in. My excitement was crushing the thought of catching the black man and his wife having sex there inside…But I could not have been more wrong or have been prepared for what I saw. The black man stood with his shorts at his ankles. He had his giant rigid black serpent out. My gorgeous wife Ana was on her knees in front of him. A tuft of her hair was in his hand. I heard her say: “I love your huge black cock”. Then I understood why my sweet Ana loved the gym so much. As I stood there in the crack of a door watching the full scene, my sweet wife started adıyaman escort to struggle as she tried to gobble as much of that huge black cock as she could. As I stood there watching my sweet Ana sucking that magnificent black cock, I felt a soft breath of a whisper in my ear: “Do you like watching my husband fuck your slut wife?” In that moment Ana glanced up at me and continued what she was doing almost without even acknowledging me. The ebony woman walked past me and kissed the man that was now pushing his huge cock down my wife’s throat. She turned to me and said I was going to enjoy this for sure.Her husband eyes locked with mine and he simply called me to come over there. I did what I was told. My wife pulled his cock from her mouth stood up and kissed me deeply. Her tongue danced on mine like so many times before however this time was new. I was on the verge of exploding in my shorts she looked at me deeply and said she wanted me to put that black cock inside her. I did not understand but a powerful hand pushed me to my knees as my sweet Ana mounted the bench. I found myself instinctively guiding this huge black piece to my wife’s waiting open and wet pussy lips. She was too wet as the ebony head parted her lips in an unusual way…I watched afyon escort the length of his huge shaft disappear in my wife`s pussy. She clawed at anything she could grab and moaned as her eyes disappeared into the back of her head. He was slow in his invasion; inch by inch I watched my wife become his slave. He then began to slowly pump his massive black rod in and out of my wife.Ana locked eyes with him and said: ”Show my husband how you fuck his wife”. As his pace quickened she got more and more vocal. She was no longer looking at him but looking at me now. She said: “Honey, watch a real man pleasing your wife”…His cock was now thrusting deep in her and I could see every impact of his balls against her pubis. The scene was a sloppy mess; Ana had cum many times as she moaned and screamed out of control.The black giant man looked at me and said he was shooting his cum deep inside her. I was not given an opportunity to say a single word, because Ana turned her head and kissed me deeply. Then he grunted wildly and unloaded his semen inside my wife.As he pulled out his cum was leaking out of her. She was limp in my arms as her black lover just walked to the shower room.Ana could not have been more relaxed as she closed her eyes and said she loved me. The black man walked past both of us and did not even look our way. He was dressed again and passed out the door. Ana and I shared a warm shower with no words.As we walked out the gym I noticed all women there were similar to my wife, specially their smiles… Then I wondered how many husbands had come to the gym with t

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