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Watching my sweet Ana on the phone

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Watching my sweet Ana on the phoneWatching my sweet Ana on the phoneI came home early that Friday and my sweet wife Ana told me she had arranged a date with one of her black friends… I could stay at home and she would send me messages or some pictures through her cell phone.She was dressed so sexy: a short red dress, high heels and of course, no panties…After kissing me goodbye, Ana left moving her round nice hips. She told me it would take at least half an hour to meet her lover.I stayed there sitting on the coach, sipping a glass of my favorite scotch…After forty minutes, my phone chirped to life. I snatched the phone up. And there it was. Just a single photo. The image was a close up of a woman in red dress sitting on a sofa, her legs open, short skirt pulled up slightly to reveal her shaved mound…I recognized Ana`s red dress. In front of her there was a black huge hand making the “thumb up” signal…I felt my dick was going to explode, watching that picture of Ana; her legs open on a sofa, with a total black man stranger just starting to rub her pussy lips. Then my phone buzzed again and another picture appeared in the screen. It was very similar to the first one, but now her legs were spread wider and the black fingers were clearly rubbing her pussy and going inside her wet cunt… I could imagine her sitting there, looking down to her lap, legs spread as this black guy played his fingers up and down, deep inside her beautiful open and wet pussy.There aydın escort was then a bit of a gap of about ten minutes. Then my phone started to load a short video clip. I hit play and turned up the volume. I could see now Ana, her thighs spread wide, offering him full access, as the black fingers went in and out of her cunt. My wife was moaning constantly, the pitch and volume of her moans changing in sync with the different touch of his fingers. The video ended in less than fifty seconds and I immediately replayed it. Then I listened up and heard him talking quietly, something I missed first time around and it became clear some of her moans were in fact responses to what he was saying.Then I plugged on a set of headphones. Now I could hear much more detail. “Is this what you wanted, white slut?” He asked softly.“Yes… “. Ana moaned. “Is this what you have come for?” He insisted.”Yes” She moaned again very softly-As I poured over the video for a third time, phone buzzed and loaded up another video.This was longer, just about five minutes. She was still sitting in the same position; her thighs still well open apart. The camera swung around wildly as the black fingers reached out and ran from the bottom to the top of her pussy. As it ran up her lips started to part and the tip of his finger slide inside, just a tiny amount, not even to the first joint, no more than an inch, but enough to draw a moan which became much louder afyon escort as the tip of his finger moved through the slickness and touched her clit. Over the next few minutes I watched as he fingered her to orgasm. First one, then two fingers working her vagina and clit, the slick wetness on his fingers each time he withdrew and her constant moaning betrayed how turned on she was. My sweet Ana was clearly in a state of high sexual arousal, her legs spread, pussy starting to run with wetness as his speed quickened over and over, building and building, moans getting louder and louder, until eventually an orgasm crashed through her like a storm wave. The black man kept his fingers buried as her hips shook and bucked back and forth on his hand, her body naturally trying to get those black fingers even deeper inside her wet cunt…As her orgasm faded I watched as he slowly withdrew his fingers and Ana sank back in to the sofa. They both started laughing as the video came to an end. Over the next thirty minutes I received a set of photos and videos. The last one showed the black cock entering my wife`s cunt from behind as she looked back over her shoulder at him moaning wildly and begging him to fuck her harder…Then I felt my own cock spurting streaks of cum between my fingers and splashing on to my underpants and jeans around my ankles. I came as I watched my wife having sex with a total stranger. I saw her body responding sakarya escort to his touch, becoming highly sexually aroused with him. Some videos continued to arrive. The sex session looked frenetic, lots of different positions, both moaning and talking constantly, encouraging each other, almost daring each other to fuck harder, faster, quicker. Then the videos stopped. Nothing more during at least thirty minutes…After another ten minutes my phone showed a new single image, which told me they were finished. Anita was lying on the bed, covered in sweat, her cheeks flushed. She looked spent, exhausted. Between her slightly spread thighs I could see cum smeared across her pussy and a massive dark patch on the bed sheets beneath her ass cheeks. Then Ana texted me: “Honey, I hope you have enjoyed watching me fucking”. “Please, do not wait for me awake… My friend wants to fuck me in the ass by the morning… I will spend the night here with him… Kisses for you, I love you”.Early morning I heard the front door opened while I was having a coffee. Anita came in to the kitchen and without a word took my hand and led me up the stairs. She undressed slowly, removing everything except her high heels. The smell of sex filled the room, semen was clearly smeared across her shaved mound area, her pussy lips spread open, white cum clearly visible between them… Ana had several bruises all over her beautiful body. She bent over to show me her rosebud, fully stretched now after her friend had fucked her asshole, filling it with fresh semen, which was now dripping out and sliding between her thighs…I told her I loved to watch her well fucked by a huge black cock.Ana smiled back and told me next Friday would be their second round…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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