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Watching the Boys Part 11

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Watching the Boys Part 11I couldn’t believe I just jacked off with my oldest boy while he was also being fucked by a 14 inch dildo. As I laid there in bed covered in my own cum I felt conflicted. But not as much as I thought I’d feel. I wanted to see more, and my dark side was quickly overpowering my good side. I imagined what was being done to my oldest son right now as a large group of black men ravaged his 14 year old body 3000 miles away. But the long day quickly caught up to me as I drifted off to sleep covered in cum as I lay, splayed out on the bed. The sensation of flying filled my head as I found myself standing in front of my house. It was like I was floating as my point of view entered the front door. It felt so real as I floated up the stairs and down the hall to the closed door of his room. I could hear moaning and grunts coming from behind it. The door slowly swung open and I saw my oldest boy lying naked on his bed surround by men. The men were different races and colors but all of them had enormous hard cocks jutting out from their crotches. I found myself slowly floating over Ben’s bed as he was framed by the large, dripping, hard cocks surrounding him. The cocks were all different shapes, sizes, and colors and seemed to dwarf Ben. He had an eager look on his face as he took in all the cocks around him. The leaky cocks lowered and started to rub him all over smearing him with pre-cum. My boy moaned as the cocks caressed him from head to toe leaving him glistening with a layer of clear sticky goo. I noticed the cocks had grown larger too, about the size of large pillows as Ben hugged two of them in his arms as he lapped up the discharge coming from their engorged slits. All the cocks were getting harder and angrier as they produced more and more pre-cum. Then I notice a thick slinky cock start to enter Ben’s teen hole. “Aaaaagh yeah!” Ben moaned out as the thick tentacle like cock wormed itself inside my boy. Ben opened his legs wider to allow the cock easier penetration. Two of the larger cocks sucked each of his legs down their shafts pulling his legs spread wide like a V. They swallowed themselves down his legs until they were pressed up against his hips. Both of Ben’s legs were now fully being sucked on by the two cocks. The two cocks he was hugging sucked in his hands and pulled them completely inside the shafts. Ben was now stretched out, his limbs buried in huge cocks with a tentacle like cock buried up his ass. He looked so hot covered in pre-cum as these monstrous cocks had their way with him. Then I noticed the tentacle cock was starting to pump Ben full of seamen. Big globs of cum could be seen working it’s way up the thick shaft. The first shot caused my boy to flinch and moan out. The cocks on his arms and legs pulled tight to keep him in place. Each shot made my boy moan out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he received more and more cum inside him. “Fuuuuck! Fill me up!” Ben said as he started to profusely sweat. More cocks came in from the sides as I hovered above the bed. They started rubbing against the sides of my oldest boy. “Mmmmm…mmmmm, so hot!” Ben moaned out as the cocks pressed harder into him. All I could see of Ben was just his pre-cum covered torso as the cocks sucked and fucked him inside and out. Ben had a distant lustful look on his face as the moment overwhelmed him. “Oh fuck…so fff ffull.” Ben panted as his stomach started to bulge. But then I also noticed his skin was becoming lighter and he was really starting to sweat up a storm. I watched in amazement as my boy started to change right in front of me. Ben then made eye contact with me and smiled the warmest smile. Oooh daddy, I love them so much.” Ben said gasping for air as the thick tentacle like penis continued to pump semen into my boy. “Thanks for all these cocks dad.” Ben continued with a glazed look in his eyes. Then all of a sudden, Ben’s body locked up, his breathing quickened, he clenched his teeth, his eyes rolled back into his head as he started shooting cum out in a steady stream. “Ooooh GODguurggle!” Ben tried to yell out but instead of a yell, all that came out was cum as the rest of his body started to liquefy into a puddle of semen. Ben sank steadily into the forming puddle beneath him as if he were laying in quicksand. Like a feeding frenzy, the cocks moved in and started sucking up what use to be my boy off his bed. Then I heard the doorbell ring. I was stirred from my dream as I heard a noise coming from downstairs. As I slowly woke up I noticed it was already morning. I heard the noise again, it sounded like the doorbell to the front door of the condo. “Who could that be?” I wondered as I slowly sat up in bed. Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of little feet running down the hall and down the stairs. “Bryan must be up.” As I collapsed back down on the bed too tired to move at that moment. I listened to the faint sound of the front door opening up and heard the voice of the bell hop. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but then I heard the door close and two pairs of footsteps heading back up the stairs. Their voices got louder and more distinct as they came into the hallway. “So you have a special day today with Mr. Grossa, yes? ” I heard the Bell Hop ask Bryan. “Shhhh, my dad’s till sleeping.” Bryan said to the Bell Hop in low whisper. “Yeah, the note inside the box said to call you to get me ready. ” Bryan said matter-of-factually as the low voices of Bryan and the Bell hop continued into the connecting bathroom. “Ah yes, I shall help you sexy boy.” Juan said with a suggestive undertone. “First we must clean you out, nice and good, no?” He said with a giggle. Bryan giggled too as they both seemed like little boys playing a naughty game. Their conversation woke me right up as my cock hardened at the thought of what I was possibly about to witness. I got up quietly and made my way to the connecting door and slowly pulled it open. Peeking inside I could see the Bell Hop kneeling in front of my boy in the middle of the modernistic looking bathroom. They were both in profile to me and Bryan was in a white hotel bathrobe that looked just bit too big for him “O.K. mejo, time to prepare.” Paolo said with a devilish grin as he undid the fabric belt. Paolo and I both gasped as Paolo pushed Bryan’s robe off my boy. God he looked so sexy standing there in all his natural beauty. Bryan’s long coltish legs, his amazing boy ass, and his tight little body with his hard little cock standing straight up waiting for attention. He was the ideal nine year old boy. Paolo eyes looked like they’d glazed over as he knelt before this sexy boy god. “You are so beautiful mejo.” Paolo cooed as he ran his hands all over Bryan’s smooth nine year old body. My cock hardened as Bryan closed his eyes and let out a small gasp as the bell hop felt up my naked boy. I noticed a significant bulge start to grow in the bell boy’s pants as he did this. I watched the bell boy’s hands slowly center all their attention on Bry’s hard boy cock. He gently caressed and stroked with feathery touches Bryan’s throbbing boy toy making my boy moan even louder. Then Paolo stopped and gently held Bry’s hips. “O.K., turn around for me.” Paolo said in a low, lust filled whisper. Bryan slowly turned as I watched his cute ass come into view and then face the bell hop. Paolo whimpered, griped Bryan’s ass cheeks in his hands, spread them open then slowly leaned in and buried his face between Bry’s ass cheeks. “Uuuugh!’ Bryan gasped out as he braced himself against the sink in front of him. I could see Bryan’s body melt as a look of pleasure raced across his face. He arched his ass up and stood on his tip toes to allow Paolo greater access to his boy hole. The bell hop took advantage and really started to force his face against Bryan’s butt. “Mmmmm…yyeah…uuuooh…gaaawd…yyyessss!” My son moaned out as the sounds of slurping noises filled the room. Paolo finally pulled back as Bryan gasped for air. “Oh mejo, I would love to take you right now but you’ve been chosen by Mr Grossa.” Paolo said with a look of defeat. “Step over to the shower and I’ll help you clean out.” The bell hop continued as he stood with a noticeable bulge in his black slacks. Bryan smiled at the young man’s erection as he turned and made his way to the large, glass encased shower. Paolo followed him with his hands on Bryan’s shoulders as he guided the naked nine-year old behind the glass partition. Before Paolo stepped into the shower he quickly kicked off his penny loafers, followed by the rest of his clothes as his seven inch erection popped free. I marveled at his thin but muscular body. His skin looked so smooth and tan with no signs of a tan line anywhere on his body. This perfect Latin boy stood behind my son and leaned around him turning the shower on. As the shower drenched them in water I could see Paolo’s hard cock poking into Bryan’s lower back. Paolo gently pulled Bryan back into him as they enjoyed a sensual embrace. The slippery wetness of their skin rubbing against each other as the Bell boy’s hands worked their way down to Bryan’s cock and slowly stroked it. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” I could hear Bryan moan as Paolo slowly stroked my boy. Paola then leaned forward and grabbed a long silver nozzle from the wall that was connected by a Stainless Steel Hose to the shower fixture. It looked like one of those shower shot devices. “O.K. Chico, lean forward for me.” As Paolo prepared to insert the wand he squatted down behind my boy and gently pushed Bryan forward. My boy braced himself against the tile wall as he spread he coltish legs and thrust his ass out even more for the bell hop. Paolo sprayed the boy’s smooth ass cheeks with the long phallic looking nozzle as he started to close in on his target. He nudged the nozzle between Bry’s smooth buns, gently working it deeper. “aaagh.” Bryan gasped slightly as the gentle spray of water hit his boy pucker. “That’s right Chico, relax and let it in.” As I watched the nozzle slowly enter his hole. “Mmmmmmm!” Bryan moaned out, arching his back even more as the nozzle slipped in deeper and started to fill his small boy colon with warm water. “That’s it Chico, let it in.” Paolo cooed as he rubbed and caressed Bryan’s back soothingly. “ummgh…..aaagh…..it’s……so fffull…” My boy groaned out as he started as he started to get that full feeling inside his stomach. “Just a bit more Chico, let it go deep into you.” Paolo said in a lust filled tone as started stroking his own hard cock with his free hand. “AAAAGH!…..Pppaolo!…..I NEEEED!…..AAAAGH!….TO LET IT OUT!” Bryan groaned out as his body shivered from the sensation of his full colon. Paolo grinned then pulled out the nozzle. “Quick, go sit on the toilet Chico.” Paolo said to the moaning boy. A dripping wet Bryan quickly darted out of the shower and did a funny walk over to the toilet. As soon as he sat down I could hear water being forced into the toilet bowl followed by a few splashes. My wet boy had a look of contentment as he emptied himself. Paolo continued to stroke his hard Latin cock as he watched Bryan empty his bowls. Eventually it stopped and after a few more minutes Bryan got off the toilet and went back into the shower and assumed the same position he was in before. Paolo gave my boy two more enemas just to be safe making sure my boy was clean. Both of them stayed hard through the whole thing. And so did I, as I watched them through the cracked opened bathroom door. “O.K. Chico, now I show you the pleasures of the bidet.” Paolo smiled as he turned off the shower and guided my slightly dazed boy over to the oval fixture next to the toilet. Paolo leaned over and turned on the faucets of the bidet, adjusting the water temperature so it would be comfortable for Bryan. My boy looked on curiously, slowly stroking his boy tool as he watched Paolo get the bidet ready for him “Now straddle the bowl facing the wall, just like you’re sitting on a pony Chico.” Paolo said as he helped Bryan mount the bidet. Bryan got comfortable as he straddled the large bowl looking curiously at the knobs in front of him. “You see the handle in the middle?” Paolo said as he pointed it out to my boy. Bryan nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Turn it slowly and you should start to feel it clean you.” Paolo said smiling down at my boy as he slowly straddled the bidet in front of Bryan until his hard cock was right in my boy’s face. “Go ahead, slowly turn it.” Paolo continued as he stroked the back of Bryan’s head. Bryan was hypnotized by the phallic piece of hard flesh before him as he slowly turned the middle lever. The water flowing out of the bidet faucet started to transfer to the nozzle pointing up at the bottom of the basin. I could see the water shoot up and start spraying Bryan’s boy ass. “AAAAAAgghhmmmmmmph!” Was all Bryan could get out as Paolo slid his cock into Bryan’s gasping mouth, stifling Bryan`s cry of surprise. “MMMMMPH!” Bryan moaned around Paolo’s cock, taking more of it down his throat as the water splashed up against his sphincter. As Bryan began to swallow Paolo’s cock I also noticed he was slowly increasing the intensity of the water spraying against his boy hole. And he also was lowering his ass to get it closer to the nozzle head. “Fuck yeah Chico, such a good little cocksucker.” Paolo cooed out as he slid his cock deeper down my nine year old son’s throat. I let out a soft moan as I slowly stroked myself watching my boy sucking Paolo’s hot Latin cock while he straddled the bidet. Bryan was now leaning forward, bracing himself on his hands as started to literally hump his ass up and down on the stream of water. The spray of the water was splashing all over the bathroom as Bryan frantically moved his ass around on it. But Bryan wanted more. “Mmmmph!”. . .Slurp. . .”mmmmm!”. . .Slurp. The noises of Bryan sucking Paolo’s cock deeper and deeper down his throat echoed throughout the bathroom. He also had lowered his ass even further as the stream pierced his relaxed sphincter and filled his boy colon up with warm water again. Paolo moved off the wall and took hold of Bryan’s head and started to slowly throat fuck my boy. “Ooooooh fffuck….My master is so very lucky. . .mmmmmm. . . to be getting a boy. . . .ooooogh. . .of your skills Chico.” Paolo cooed as he stroked his fingers through Bryan’s hair as he bottomed out in my boy while still humping my nine year old’s face. Bryan occasionally gagged but held it together swallowing with each thrust as Paolo ground his crotch against my boy’s face. It looked like my boy was now an extension of Paolo’s groin as the young man continued to bottom out in Bryan’s throat. Bry had his ass so low in the bowl I couldn’t see the stream, his ass almost completely down on the nozzle in the bidet. He also had it going full blast as he humped the stream like a watery dildo. Paolo stepped forward again, keeping his cock buried deep in my boy’s throat as Bryan sat down completely in the bidet. I stood to see what my boy was doing as I peaked in on them. Bryan was now grinding himself down completely on top of the spray nozzle. “MMMMmmmmmmmph!” I heard my boy moan out as the jet forced water deep into him as he fucked another enema out of the bidet. “Oh fuck! You so sexy Chico!” As Paolo firmly grasped Bryan’s head with both hands and started to Rabbit fuck his throat. Bottoming out with every thrust, using my boy’s throat like a human flesh light. Bryan was getting fucked by the bidet while he got throat fucked by Paolo, our sexy Bell hop. I was stroking so fast and hard as I watch them lose themselves in lust. “AAAGH! FFFUCK! SSSHIT! SSSUCK IT CHICO!” Paolo’s hips were a blur as Paolo’s groin slammed repeatedly against Bryan’s face. When suddenly Paolo let out a large groan and jammed his cock hard down Bryan’s throat as he pulled Bryan’s head firmly against his crotch. My son’s mouth stretched tight around the base of this young Latin boy’s cock. “TOMAR MI SEMILLA!” Paolo moaned out loudly, as I watched his swollen balls pull up and start to pump shot after shot down Bryan’s throat. “ME LA LECHE PERRA EN SECO!” Paolo’s body tensed as he continued to fire shot after shot of his cum down my boy’s throat, holding my boy’s head firmly against his groin. I watched Bryan’s limp body start to shake as his ass start to push out the water that was fighting to get in. “My boy’s ass is in full orgasm mode!” I thought to myself as Bryan braced himself against the bowl of the bidet as his body tightened up under Paolo’s grip. “MMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!” My boy let out another long muffled moan around Paolo’s convulsing cock as his ass continued to contract against the stream. Paolo finally slowed his thrusting down as Bryan gingerly reached forward and turned off the jet of water, letting his ass drain as he continued to moan around the young Latin boy`s cock. “You are one gifted boy Chico.” Paolo cooed, stroking my boy’s head as he slowly pulled his cock out of my boy’s throat. Bryan had a dazed smile on his face as he proudly listened to Paolo’s glowing accolades while he licked and cleaned the Latin boy`s deflating cock. Bryan suddenly closed his eyes and his mouth fell open. “UUUuuuuuuuugggghhh!” My boy groaned, letting out a long boyish gasp as his whole body shuddered. Then his ass suddenly shot out another large load of clear water out into the bowl of the bidet. “Yeeeesss my sexy Chico. Let it out. Be clean for my master.” Paolo said, as he pushed his now inflating cock into Bryan’s face. My boy started to lick and clean Paolo’s cock as the last of the water emptied from him. Paolo let my son clean his cock as they waited for the rest of the water to be expelled from that hot nine year old ass. They stayed like that with Bryan squatted over the bowl for a few more minutes as his boy colon calmed down. “Now to prepare.” Paolo said with a smile as he reached over and grabbed the white box that was on the top of the toilet next to them. It was the same white box that was given to Bryan the night before. Paolo opened it and pulled out a small plastic pill case and took out one of those “Kryptonite” crystals I’d seen before. He then leaned forward over Bryan’s smaller hunched over body and with one hand, spread Bryan’s ass open and easily pushed the white rock into Bryan’s hole with one finger.0 I watched him sink his finger deep into my boy, burying it to the hilt. “MMMMmmmmmmaaaaaaaaAAGGGHH! Bryan moaned out as he felt the rock push deep into him. I also noticed his boy cock hardened and started to bounce with his heart beat as the sensations flooded his body. Paolo quickly removed his finger causing my boy to whimper slightly. He then reached over and pulled out what looked like a plastic syringe. Paolo quickly leaned forward again and inserted the rounded tip into my son’s ass and injected the contents into him. Bryan moaned out again as he was filled up with this mystery fluid. “O.K.Chico. You’re all lubed up and ready for my master.” Paolo said with pride as he straightened up and slapped my boy’s ass hard making Bryan moan. Bryan stood up and gingerly stepped back from the bidet, his little boy cock was pulsing with the beat of his heart. Bryan looked energized and ready for his big meeting with the mysterious figure only known as Mister Grossa. Paolo stepped forward and stood in front of my boy. They stared at each other for a moment with wide grins; it was like they were sharing a thought. Then Paolo leaned down and passionately kissed my nine year old son, making my boy moan. It was a wild and sloppy kiss too as both young man and boy embraced each other like they were trying to pull each other into themselves. It looked like Paolo wanted to eat my boy, the lust that was pouring out of him. My cock ached as I watched this open display of lust as the hot Latin boy felt my boy all over as they continued to kiss. Bryan really started to moan as Paolo reached down between them and lightly stroked my boy’s painfully hard penis. Suddenly Paolo stopped and pulled back from his wild tongue assault with a wicked grin on his face. Bryan looked so dazed. Paolo reached over and grabbed the white box and handed it to Bryan. “Ok, Chico. Now go put on your special outfit.” Bryan smiled as he took the white box from Paolo and stumbled out the door to his guest bedroom. His excited little boy cock leading the way. “Don’t forget to take you special vitamin pill?” Paolo added just as Bryan was leaving the bathroom. As I watched my boy head to his room the phone in my room rang, snapping me out of my foggy sexual haze. I stumbled over to the night stand and answered in a weak voice. “Hello?” “Good morning Mister Thompson.” It was Angel our friendly limo driver. “The car is downstairs and is waiting for you and your son to take you to Mister Grossa’s place.” Angel said in a sexy tone. “Come down and we will go.” “Uh, yeah…be right down.” I said in a daze as I hung up. Here I was, standing naked with my leaking cock in my hand after watching my boy receive a thorough cleaning. Now I had 30 seconds to throw something on and look presentable for whatever was in store for me and my boy. I quickly scrambled through my clothes throwing on a pair of tan slacks and a standard vacation dress shirt. I didn’t even bother putting on underwear I was in such a rush. Slipped into my leather deck shoes barefoot, grabbed my briefcase and quickly headed out of the bedroom. I looked into Bryan’s bedroom but didn’t find him there so I quickly headed downstairs still buttoning up my shirt while trying to hold on to my briefcase. I found him waiting for me sitting at the dining room table dressed in a white collared polo shirt and his standard pair of white cargo pants and a pair of white flip slops on his cute boyish feet. But as I came into the room I noticed him taking a pill with a glass of water as he waited for me. After Bryan finished drinking down his water he noticed me and smiled an eager smile as he hopped up and gave me a big hug. “He sure looks like he was looking forward to this.” I thought to myself. “I wonder where this `Special’ outfit was that Paolo mentioned back in the bathroom.” As I enjoyed the hug my son was giving me. I thought I felt him grind his crotch against me. Then I realized he was rock hard! “You ready for this?” I asked as my smiling boy looking up at me. “He he,yeah! Bryan giggled as he took a few more u*********s thrusts against my hip. He had a wild look in his eyes that I’d only seen previously in those videos I’d seen him in. My boy was so sexually amped up and ready for whatever was going to happen. And I had to admit so was I. We headed out of the condo and back into the main building heading for the front of the resort. As we walked through the Main lobby I spotted Paolo, now fully dressed back in his uniform. He noticed us and gave as a smile and a wink as we exited through the sliding glass doors. Angel was waiting for us with a smile on his face standing by the sleek looking black stretch limo with the back door open for us. “Welcome Mister Thompson, there’s some breakfast goodies for you to munch on in the back if you and Bryan are hungry.” He said as we both climbed into the back of the limo. Angel leaned in as we got seated. “It should take us about 20 minutes to get there.” Angel said with a smile and shut the door. I glanced over at my son and I noticed he was slightly sweating and lightly rubbing his crotch, like he couldn’t help it. He looked so wired. “Are you hungry Bry?” I asked him. He didn’t answer right away but just shook his head no. Then, as if remembering something he quickly mumbled with a far off distant smile. “I had something earlier this morning.” Bryan said as his smile widened thinking about something. I think he was remembering eating Paolo’s load this morning. “The things boys think are a meal.” I chuckled to myself as I felt the limo start canlı bahis to move. We drove south out of downtown Miami, where we were going I had no idea. Bryan seemed fidgety as we headed down the freeway, like he couldn’t keep his hands off himself. Suddenly he kicked off his flip flops and turned to me with a weird look on his face. “I’m hot. I gotta take off my shirt dad.” Bryan announced in a pleading voice. He didn’t even wait for my response as he quickly peeled off his polo shirt tossing it across the limo. Then he collapsed back into the leather seat and started feeling himself up. His eyes closed with his mouth partly open as he caressed himself with his own hands. “Mmmmmmm…” My boy moaned out as he got more and more into feeling himself up. Then I noticed he’d started to obscenely rub his growing boy bulge in his shorts. Bryan looked over at me with a heavy d**gged up look of pure lust in his eyes. Here I was sitting in the back of limo as my nine year old son was writhing in a sexual d**gged up frenzy. I spotted Angel looking back at us in the rear view mirror. His eyes with a look of lustful approval as he watched Bryan’s undulating body while he tried to drive. I was starting to chub up myself as my boy’s sexual display started to affect me. Bryan spread his legs wide, touching my leg as he really started to go to town on the outline of his hard boy nail in his shorts. “We are here Mister Thompson.” Angel said over the intercom as I felt the limo slow down and make a turn into a drive way and stop. We had pulled up in front of a massive white security gate. Angel punched a few buttons into the access panel and the gates slowly opened. “Bem-vindo à casa do Senhor Grosso.” I heard Angel say over the intercom as the limo entered the huge compound. The house must have been set back a ways from the house as it took awhile to get to the main house. Bryan had stopped his self groping as and I both looked out at the vast estate of this Mister Grossa. We finally pulled up in front of a massive white house. But this house was completely modern looking with sweeping lines and minimal details. The house was a perfect example of modern architecture, if you could call it a house. This place was huge. Angel opened the limo door for us as Bryan stepped out first. He was still shirtless and barefoot. I quickly scanned the inside of the limo but didn’t see his flip flops so I quickly grabbed his shirt and my briefcase and got out of the limo behind him. We both slowly walked up to the intimidating front door ahead of us. I could tell even Bryan felt a bit intimidated as he grabbed my hand and held it. It was a massive wooden door at least eight feet wide and the only part of the house that wasn’t white. We approached the door and rang the buzzer. There was a brief pause that seemed to last forever but I’m sure was shorter than we thought. Finally we heard a click and the massive door slowly swung out. The door was so big we had to step back to make room for it as it slowly swung opened. What greeted us surprised both Bryan and me. Standing there was a boy, a blonde boy, he looked like he was no older than 15. He was dressed in only a pair of white board shorts and a welcoming smile. He had a beautiful, flawless tan and sun bleached hair. “Hi, you must be Frank and Bryan?” He said in a cheerful teen voice that sounded like it was just on the edge of breaking. “My name is Leif, like on a tree.” He smiled. “Come in please and I’ll take you to my master.” We entered through the massive front door and into, what reminded me of an M.C. Escher drawing with stairs and levels going in every direction. And everything was white. We followed Leif through the main entryway into a large living room with an extremely high ceiling that had a fantastic view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. There was a large white leather sectional that encircled the center of the room complete with white carpeting covering every inch of the massive room. “Wait here and my master will be with you shortly.” The polite, sexy blond boy said to us as he exited down one of the hallways. I looked down at Bryan; his was looking around in awe at this huge mansion he was now in. I quickly handed him his shirt. “Put this back on. You should look presentable for Mister Grossa.” I said in a panic. Bryan looked at me like I was crazy as he slowly took it out of my hands but didn’t put it on. “Well? Put it on. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see you like this.” I continued. “He looks fine.” A deep booming voice spoke from across the room. Bryan and I looked in the direction of the voice approaching us. He was a tall muscular man with chiseled good looks and a dark tan. He was wearing a white silk shirt with the front unbuttoned half way down that showed off his fabulous set of abs and slightly hairy, muscular chest. Completing his look was a pair of loose cotton pants. He was also barefoot just like his servant boy Leif who was following closely behind him. “Hello Mister Thompson, I am Mister Grossa and welcome to my home.” He said as he reached out and shook my hand in a firm masculine hand shake. He then glanced down at Bryan who looked up in awe at the imposing man in front of him. He stepped closer to Bryan and caressed the side of his face as Bryan melted into Mister Grossa’s hand like a cat wanting to be stroked. “You must be the Bryan I’ve heard so much about.” He said in a low tone to Bryan as he watched my boy react to his touch. He then took his other hand and ran it through Bryan’s dark hair. My boy closed his eyes as enjoyed the sensations Mister Grossa was giving him. I never thought stroking someone’s head could be so sexual. Mister Grossa stopped and brought Bryan’s face up so they were now staring deeply into each others eyes. “You look fine without a shirt my handsome boy.” Said the handsome man as Bryan looked on like he was in love. They held their stare for a moment longer before Mister Grossa stood back up and grabbed the polo shirt out of my boy’s hand. “You won’t need this here.” Said Mister Grossa as he held out his other hand as Bryan gladly accepted it. Then he led Bryan into the living room where the large white leather square shaped sectional was. I followed behind them with Leif right behind me. “Mister Thompson you have a handsome boy here.” The tall masculine man continued as I followed Mister Grossa as he escorted my boy to the U shaped white leather sectional. “Please, have a seat and we will discuss business.” Mister Grossa said as he gestured for Bryan and me to have a seat. Bryan and I sat on one side of the sectional as Mister Grossa sat opposite us with Leif standing dutifully to the side of the sectional waiting for a command. “It was certainly nice for you to come out to Miami on such short notice Mister Thompson, may I call you Frank?” Mister Grossa said with a warm smile as he reclined back on the white leather sectional. Then he subtly adjusted himself which drew both Bryan and my attention to a large bulge running down the inside leg of his white pants. I hadn’t noticed it before because his pants were loose. Bryan sat up straight and his eyes got really wide as he stared right at it. “As you know I am seriously considering investing a large amount of capital into your business. But I need to know my money is going to be well invested in your firm.” As Mister Grossa said this he was lightly rubbing the top of his thigh, the tips of his fingers where lightly brushing the top of the bulge in his pants. And I noticed it start to grow. I grew flustered for a minute as I cleared my throat. “Of course Mister Grossa, I have a complete business plan printed out for you detailing our future growth.” I said in my best business tone as I pulled up and got ready to open my brief case. Grossa held up his hand and shook his head no then smiled. “No, no, no. That is all well and good, but I need something to show that you are committed to me and what I have to offer.” Mister Grossa smiled sitting back on the couch as I noticed his bulge had expanded a bit further down his leg. “I see, well what would you like to see that would seal the deal?” I said in a weak voice, clutching my briefcase, as I watched the bulge in his pants get longer and longer. Damn, whatever was in his pants was huge and it was making me chub up. I’m sure Bryan was noticing this to at this point. “I would like to see you add something personal, a gesture of good faith so to speak.” The tan Brazilian said in a firm gentle tone. “I would like to see you add something to show that you are really committed to this deal…I’m sure you can think of something that would guarantee your total loyalty to it and to me.” I started to sweat, as I sat there for a moment as Mister Grossa stared directly at me with a smile on his face as he rubbed his monster bulge now fully hard running down the inside of his pant leg. I looked at my son sitting next to me, his eyes fully locked onto what Mister Grossa was doing. Then I weakly said his name. “B…Bryan?” I could barely speak as my heart raced a million miles a minute. Bryan broke off his stare and looked at me with a glazed lust filled look. My boy had such a pleading wanton look in his eyes. He wanted that cock so bad. He stared at me for what seemed like an eternity then Bryan weakly smiled and slowly rose and stood up. “Are you sure son?” not believing what I was saying as Bryan stood in front of me. “Yes daddy, I want to do this for you.” my lust filled son said as he looked down at me with such eager eyes. He leaned forward to kiss me as I leaned in to give him a caste kiss, but was surprised to feel his tongue penetrate my mouth in a passionate kiss. I started to kiss back. “Shit! I’m kissing my son! God I love it!” My brain screamed out as Bryan and I made out like long lost lovers. Bryan then pulled back suddenly with a deviant look in his eyes. “I love you daddy.” He said as he turned around in front of me to face Mister Grossa. I held onto my boy’s waist to steady him, I could feel him tremble in lust and desire for the handsome powerful man sitting across from him. “I would like to see your son.” Mister Grossa said without missing a beat as he laid his hand down firmly on his rock hard cock; which was now completely hard running down his pant leg. Bryan and I watched as he started to stroke it openly in front of both of us. Leif smiled as he watched his master’s open display of sexual excitement. “Present him to me.” He said as he squeezed his cock through his white cotton pants. “Show me your son.” Mister Grossa grinned with a leering smile. It felt like my heart was in my head as it pounded with excitement. I felt possessed as I rubbed the smooth silky sides of my boy, running my hands forward around to his flat tummy. “Wow, why haven’t I done this before?” I thought to myself as I ran my hands up and down his boyishly muscular tummy then slid my hands down into the front of his shorts. Hooking the thumbs in, I slowly pulled my son’s white shorts down. I felt his warm smooth skin as I slowly pulled his shorts down and his sexy coltish legs. As I leaned forward I felt like I had received an electric shock as the side of my face brushed against the side of his bare butt cheek. I continued pushed Bryan’s shorts completely down and had him step out of them. When I sat back up my son’s flawless bare ass was right in front of me. I’d never seen it this close before, and it was Beautiful. Then as I studied it more I realized Bryan was wearing a thong. “Where did he get the thong from?” I thought to myself, a bit shocked but still turned on. “Do you like your little gift my boy?” Mister Grossa asked my horned up boy. Bryan just nodded his head yes, he was still in awe of Mister Grossa and whatever was hidden in the Latin god’s white pants. `Show your father your gift.” Mister Grossa said with pride. I watched in stunned silence as my boy slowly turned around with a smile on his face. He was wearing a Thong, but on the front of the pouch was the Superman letter “S” shield. But what set this apart was that the “S” was inlaid with sequence and made his crotch sparkle. The “S” was distorted by Bryan’s raging hard boy nail. I couldn’t help myself as I reached out and lightly stroked his sparkly boy sex. Bryan shuddered under my touch. I felt drunk with lust as I continued to lightly stroke his hardness. Bryan suddenly stepped back, out of the reach of my hand as he grinned at me mischievously. He continued to slowly back away from me then two large tan hands came around his torso and started to pull him back. Bryan’s face completely relaxed, like he was being enveloped in something warm as he melted into the arms that were encircling him. Bryan was now lying back against the chest of this sexy Brazilian man as I watched his large tan hands rub up and down my boy’s silky smooth nine year old torso. Mister Grossa had his legs spread wide as Bryan was sitting back in-between his splayed out legs. Bryan looked like he was ready to start purring. “I think this will be adequate compensation to guarantee my support.” Mister Grossa said as he stared directly at me with a look of pure lust in his eyes as he slowly caressed my boy’s body. My cock throbbed as I watched one of his hands caress down Bryan’s body and cup my boy’s hardness. He firmly cupped it and lifted Bryan up until Bryan’s face was next to Grossa’s face. Mister Grossa and Bryan looked at each other, losing themselves in each others eyes as they held each other tightly. Then slowly their heads moved closer until their lips were about to touch. Bryan sucked in some air as he felt his lips make contact with Mister Grossa’s. I watched as they’re lips opened and both man and boy paused as they felt each others breaths. They were right on the edge of desire. Then Bryan relaxed as his mouth met Grossa’s mouth. They both moaned as they started to kiss passionately. They didn’t break the lip lock to even come up for air as their tongues dueled. Mister Grossa slid his hand a bit further down between my boy’s legs, his fingers disappearing underneath Bryan as he still cupped my boy’s hardness. “UUUUMMMPH” Bryan moaned out as his body arched up under Grossa’s embrace. Then it hit me, Mister Grossa had slipped a finger into my boy’s ass. Grossa lifted Bryan up a bit and I could see he had two of his thick fingers up inside my boy. “MMMMPH! UUUUMMPH! MMMMMPH!” Bryan started gyrating his hips as the sensations of the Brazilian man’s thick fingers loosened him up. It looked like Mister Grossa was playing a musical instrument, only my boy was the one being played, and being played well by all the moaning Bryan was making. Mister Grossa finally broke off from his kissing. Both man and boy panting for air as they stared at each other with lust filled eyes. “Você é um menino tão bonito.” Mister Grossa murmured to Bryan as Grossa continued to make little thrusting movements in between Bryan’s legs with his fingers. “You have a fine boy here Mister Thompson.” He said to me, not breaking eye contact with Bryan as he continued to lift up Bryan while sliding his fingers deeper into my boy. Bryan moaned again then hungrily shoved his mouth back down on Grossa’s mouth. Bryan’s little boy cock was straining against the top of the g-sting pouch as he arched his back opening himself to Grossa. Sucking and muffled moans echoed through the large living room. Even Leif had tented out his white board shorts as he tried to stay calm as he stood next to his master waiting patiently for his next command. Mister Grossa pulled back from the kissing, they stared into each others eyes like long lost lovers. “Are you ready to meet minha besta?” Mister Grossa grunted to my horny boy. Bryan had no idea what “minha besta” meant but he had a pretty good idea he was probably going to like it as he nodded his head yes. “Then I shall have you meet him.” Grossa continued as he slowly lowered my boy down until he was standing again and eased his fingers from Bryan’s ass. Grossa then stood up and turned my boy around so he was facing the tall Brazilian man. Mister Grossa then pulled the tails of his loose shirt out of his white cotton pants and slowly removed it showing off his large muscular chest. Mister Grossa also had a nice layer of hair on his well defined chest. “Now my little one, you may unwrapped minha besta.” Mister Grossa said as he turned himself and Bryan until they were both in profile to me. I could see a large long pronounced bulge slightly tenting one of Mister Grossa’s pant legs. Bryan looked hypnotized by it. “Go ahead.” Grossa said looking down at my boy as he stroked my boy’s hair. “Release minha besta.” He continued in a seductive tone as Bryan gingerly reached out and took a hold of the draw strings to Mister Grossa’s pants and pulled. The knot came undone and the top of the pants loosened and slipped down a bit but got hung up on Grossa’s huge dangling cock. Bryan reached out and lightly touched the impressive bulge still covered by the loose fitting coverings. Grossa grunted as my boy ran his hand over the Brazilian man’s cloth covered cock. Bryan seemed fascinated by it. Bryan continued running his hands up over Mister Grossa’s pubes and up over his hard stomach and chest, his eyes following where his hands were exploring. I watched as my son’s hands then caressed the sides of the Brazilian man’s dark smooth skin sliding down to the man’s hips and slowly pushing the loose pants off Grossa’s hips making them finally fall to the floor. Bryan’s eyes got wide and he slowly knelt in front of it as he finally got to see “the b**st” for the first time. Bryan looked like he was kneeling before his new god. Grossa wasn’t even hard and it was at least 8 inches long, and looked thick and heavy. Bryan had such a wanting look as he gingerly reached out and finally touched the impressive cock petting it like an a****l. The b**st flinched under my boy’s hands and started to come to life. Bryan got more assertive and gently grasped it in both of his hands. It looked large in his small boyish hands as he slowly stroked and worked its length. It quickly responded to his touch and started to grow even larger. “Yeeeesss, he likes you my sexy boy.” Mister Grossa hissed as he ran his fingers through my boy’s hair. Bryan was mesmerized as he watched the b**st grow in his hands. The large cock was now almost fully erect and was right in Bryan’s face. Its large purplish head was filling out and plumping up right before Bryan’s eyes. I could sense Bryan’s mouth start to water; he wanted to suck on it so bad, to taste the b**st inches from his mouth. “Go ahead my sexy boy, taste minha besta.” Mister Grossa said in a low sexy voice. Bryan’s face changed to a look of pure want as I watched him slowly lean in, his mouth starting to open. Grossa had his hand on the back of Bryan’s nine year old head as he slowly guided Bryan in. I watched the head rub against Bryan’s partly open lips leaving a trail of pre-cum on them. The big purple head looked so big next to my boy’s mouth. I then noticed the tip of Bryan’s tongue poke out between his partly open lips. My son’s tongue gathered some of the clear sticky goo on the tip and it retreated back into his mouth as the head continued to tease his lips. Bryan’s lips closed as he tasted it. “Yeeesss, you like the taste of minha besta.” Mister Grossa purred as Bryan looked up at him with lust filled eyes. “You may taste minha besta.” The lusty Brazilian said breathlessly. Bryan and Grossa didn’t break eye contact as Grossa took Bryan’s head and slowly guided the bulbous tip of his now 10 inch hard b**st to Bryan’s opening mouth. It looked like Bryan was receiving communion from Mister Grossa’s b**st as Bryan knelt with his mouth open and Grossa laid his cock on my boy’s tongue. My cock was aching as I watched Mister Grossa push that thick head into Bryan’s mouth, filling it. “Mmmm, provar a minha besta.” Mister Grossa grunted lustfully as he and Bryan watched each other as Bryan started to suck on the end of the b**st. Then Bryan took hold of it with both hands as he started to suck more of the b**st into his mouth. Grossa’s b**st swelled a bit from Bryan’s assertiveness as the boy tried to take more of the huge cock into his small boyish mouth. “Yeeesss, try to swallow minha besta sexy boy.” Mister Grossa groaned as he started to pull the boy’s head forward pushing more of the b**st towards the back of my son’s mouth. Bryan fought back the urge to gag he felt the huge cock head push against the entrance to his throat. “Swallow for me boy.” Grossa moaned as Bryan concentrated on relaxing his throat. I watched Bryan swallow as the large head started to enter his esophagus. He gagged a bit but pulled it together as he continued to push forward, determined to get the b**st down his throat. Bryan was pushing while Grossa was pulling as they both worked to get Grossa’s cock down my nine-year old’s throat. “Good my pet. Swallow minha besta.” The Brazilian man groaned as he pulled Bryan’s head further down on his monster cock. Bryan continued to strain as he tried to fight back the urge to gag. I watched in amazement as Bryan’s throat started to give and bulge out as Grossa’s cock slowly slid down my nine year old’s throat. I could hear Bryan desperately sucking in air through his nose as he tried to accept the Brazilian man’s massive piece of man meat. My cock was aching as I watched this amazing site unfold before me. Suddenly Bryan’s body convulsed and contracted as he spit out Mister Grossa’s cock, gagging and coughing trying to catch his breath. Grossa held my boy’s head as Bryan recovered and caught his breath. “You did well my pet…you far exceeded my expectations.” Mister Grossa said with a proud lust filled smile on his face as he stroked my boy’s head. “You took far more than any other boy your age has before.” Bryan smiled with pride as he gazed up at The Brazilian man. “I’m sure you will be able to enjoy more of my b**st before you leave. Now open your mouth.” Mister Grossa said to Bryan who immediately opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He then took his monster cock and rubbed the tip of it against Bryan’s out stretched tongue and mouth getting his cock head nice and wet. Then Bryan took the initiative and started sucking on the head of Grossa’s monster 11 inch cock. “I think it is time my pet.” Mister Grossa said to my boy as he took my boy’s hands and raised Bryan up so they were standing and facing each other now. Mister Grossa then turned with Bryan and stood facing me as they held hands. His little boy cock was poking out of the top of his special sparkly Superman logo g-string while Grossa’s enormously large cock was bobbing with excitement in front of him. “This is where we part company Mister Thompson. Your son is only required for what will happen next.” He said with a wicked grin as he hugged my boy into him. “Leif has refreshments set up in the next room. Feel free to make yourself comfortable, my home is your home.” Mister Grossa said with a friendly bow and wave of his hand. “Once my transaction with your boy is complete I will send over the finalized contracts to your hotel suite.” Mister Grossa then bowed again. “Thank you for the hospitality of your son.” He then turned and headed off to the far side of the living room towards two big tall white doors that stretched all the way up to the ceiling with my almost naked son in tow. Bryan turned one last time and we made eye contact. He had a look of pure joy and lust in them as he smiled one last time at me as he was led through a large white door into the next room. I sat there stunned in a cold sweat. My cock was hard and leaking pre-cum like crazy. I just handed off my son off to this hunky Brazilian man and have god knows what happen to him. “If you’d like to follow me Mister Thompson?” Leif’s voice broke me out of my haze. I dumbly looked bahis siteleri up at Leif and nodded yes. He smiled and gestured for me to follow him. He led me back out of the living room and down a long white hallway. He stopped at one of the nondescript doors and opened it. He then gestured me to enter. It was a brightly lit, simple white room, with a large comfortable looking white chair and end table in the middle of it. On the table was a pitcher of water and a drinking glass. But the weird part was that the chair was facing a curtain that covered the entire far wall. I looked at Leif with a confused look. “Please have a seat Mister Thompson.” He said with a smile as he closed the door and gestured towards the white chair for me to sit. I was still confused but walked over and sat down. The bare chested boy came over and stood in front of me holding a white computer pad in his hand. God this boy was sexy. “My master thought you’d like to see this.” Leif said with a smile and tapped his pad a few time. Then the lights in the room dimmed and the curtain opened up, revealing another large room behind a pane of glass. But this room was different. It was circular in shape, with a large raised area in the middle. On the circular platform was what looked like a extremely large round bed with blood red velvet sheets covering it. The bed was big enough to fit five or six people comfortably. Also on top of this bed was what looked like a cape, all laid out on top. But the cape looked like it had been soiled with stains all over it. Something about that cape looked familiar. As I looked around the room I noticed it had no windows, with huge columns spaced apart around the outside. The top of each column alternating between strange carvings of leaf like faces, and large phallic looking antlers. Following the columns up to the ceiling, I noticed over the bed, was a circular shape. It looked like the Ying and Yang symbol, but the circles inside it were the sun and the moon. Behind that was a strange red triangle that pointed to the right with a star at the top of it. Then I suddenly noticed people standing all along the back of the room all spaced against the wall. Wearing white cloaks with hoods, their identities hidden by the masks they had on. The figures were of various heights standing around the outside of the room. Some adult sized and others smaller, k** sized. They’re outfits where so white I didn’t notice them at first. They blended well into the white background. The lights in the room dimmed as wall sconces started to glow with a soft blue light. The Yin and Yang symbol over the bed started to change. The Moon symbol got brighter and bathed the round bed in a blue moonlight spot light, while the Sun symbol faded to black. The room now appear as if it was at night and the round bed glowed with the Moonlight casting down on it. A spot light slowly lit up the doors and one of the cloaked figures standing next to it on the left of the circular room. Was he holding a sword? The doors opened revealing my son, still wearing his Superman g-string, with a naked and hard Mister Grossa right next to him. Bryan looked all shiny, like they had rubbed him down with baby oil. Bryan was wide eyed with amazement as he looked around the impressive space. Bryan looked up at Mister Grossa and he nodded to my boy. They took one step together into the room. The cloaked figure then held up his sword to Bryan’s chest blocking entry for Bryan into the room Bryan was startled and had a slight look of concern as the sharp cold looking blade touched his chest. “Who comes?” said the cloaked figure with a large booming voice. The room must have been wired for sound as his voices came over speakers somewhere in the room I was sitting in. “I Kether ….I bring one who knows the ancient ones and offers service to them.” Replied Mister Grossa. “Who is this you bring before us?” The cloaked figure boomed as he still held the sword to Bryan’s chest. “I bring Seere.” Stated Mister Grossa proudly. “He offers himself freely and with his father’s blessing in service to us.” Grossa’s hard cock flexing as he spoke. There was a pause, then the hooded figure lowered his sword. “Enter freely and with much joy to our service. Bright blessings upon you.” The cloaked figure said to Bryan and Mister Grossa as he resumed his position against the wall. Mister Grossa then escorted Bryan across the room and up onto the platform until they were standing at the foot of the round red bed. The figures in white remained motionless. Bryan looked at the bed, noticing the cloth lying out across the bed. I fidgeted in my seat as I started to feel a bit uneasy about this ceremony for some reason. “Hey, that’s my Superman cape?” Bryan whispered to Mister Grossa with a surprised happy tone. “I thought you might want to see something familiar to remind you of your first time.” Mister G whispered in response. I noticed Bryan start to rub his hard cock through his Superman thong as he gazed down at his Superman cape, remembering that night he made the video. But then Grossa added. “It was the first time I ever saw you and desired to introduce you to my b**st.” They shared a dirty smile as Mister Grossa reached down and caressed Bryan`s perfect boy ass. Two of the smaller cloaked figures now approached where Bryan was standing. I think Bryan watched them with an eye of concern as if hoping they didn’t have any more swords. The two figures stopped on either side of Bryan and brought their hands up and started pulling down Bryan’s g-string. Bryan had a look of surprise as the figures removed his tiny garment, his cute little 3 inch erection popping up hard as steel. The two small cloaked figures took the g-string and placed it above the cape at the top of the bed. Then stepped back and faded into the darkened room. Bry was now standing hard and naked in the center of some kind of ceremony. “What the hell did I get my son into?” I thought to myself as I started to feel a bit of apprehension come over me about all this. Mister Grossa moved behind my boy and placed his hands on Bry’s shoulders and started to speak. “I present Seere, who seeks to serve and presents himself to prove his worthiness to us…he offers his body freely and dedicates it to our service and purpose once that is done.” “Darksome night and shining moon, east,” As Mister Grossa spoke he started to turn my boy to his right until he was facing away me, his cute boyish ass on display for me. “Then south,” Bryan was turned so he was facing the huge red bed. His little cock arched up in perfect profile. “Then west,” Once again turning my son to the right so he was now facing me. Bryan couldn’t see me but I swore he looked right at me with a smile. “Then north,” as he moved Bryan so he was now facing Grossa again, with his back to the huge red bed. Grossa and Bryan stared deeply into each others eyes as they held hands. I also noticed Grossa’s cock start to stiffen as he spoke the words to my son. “Hearken to our ancient rune; here I come to call thee forth. Earth and water, air and fire, wand and pentacle and sword,” Mister Grossa took Bryan’s hands and placed them on his hard cock. “Work ye unto my desire, hearken ye unto my word.” Grossa said as Bryan started to stroke the Brazilian man’s hard 11 inches. “Cords and censer, scourge and knife, powers of sacred blade — waken all ye to life. Come ye as the charm is made queen of heaven, queen of hell.” Grossa continued. “Horned hunter of the night, lend your power unto my spell and work my will by magic rite.” Grossa grunted as he slowly worked his cock up and down in Bryan’s grasp. “By all the power of land and sea, by all the might of moon and sun as I do will, so mote it be; chant the spell and it will be done.” Bryan let go of Grossa’s now dripping erection and turned and faced the bed. There was a pause and then a bell rang out somewhere in the room. Mister Grossa then raised his hands up above him. “All hail, the circle is now complete and perfect, we dedicate Seere now to the service of the ancient ones, as it has been, so and will forever be. All hail Seere, who is presented and prepares to freely join our service. Bright blessings upon him.” Mister Grossa bowed his head momentarily then raised it up. My mind was racing as I watched my boy being indoctrinated into whatever this group was. “What have I done?” I thought to myself as I looked on in shock. My fatherly instincts told me to go in there and grab my son and go home, let the chips fall where they may. I started to stand up but Leif put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it to comfort me. I looked up at him with a worried look but he smiled a warm comforting smile. I tried to relax but I felt like I was on pins and needles sitting in that chair. The two smaller cloaked figures from earlier approached again out of the darkness and helped Bryan up onto the bed, laying him down on his back on top of his stained Superman cape. Then one of the cloaked figures pushed Bryan’s legs bag as the other one produced a crystal looking jar. The second cloaked figure lifted off the top and began to scoop out what appeared to be a thick lube and started to apply it all over Bryan’s hole, slipping some fingers in, really working the lube in. I still got hard hearing my son moan out as he finally felt his ass being played with. Pushing his ass up and spreading his held back legs wider so the second cloaked figure better access to his boy hole. After a minute of fingering and lubing both cloaked figures retreated again leaving my boy and the fancy looking jar with lube in it laying on the bed on top of his Superman cape. His legs bent and spread open as he waited for what was to happen next. Another cloaked figure, about the same height as the two before walked up and stood at the edge of the bed at Ben’s feet. A soft red spot light slowly dimmed up and highlighted the figure at the foot of the bed. “It’s time to bond with you, as we share our seed with you, and you become forever part of us.” Mister Grossa chanted over the two of them. “What were they going to do to my son?” I gasped out as I heard Mister Grossa chant. “You should be honored, few boys are granted such a privilege Mister Thompson.” Leif said in a comforting tone as he rubbed my shoulder. “Bryan is a special boy and will now become even more special.” Leif had me on that one, my boy was special. I sunk back in the chair, a bit defeated, as I continued to watch this spectacle continue to unfold before me. The cloaked figure gazed down onto my son. He lifted his hands up and took off his mask, but the hood blocked his face from me. I did notice Bryan smile warmly at the same time his cock started to harden up. Whoever it was really got my son excited. But I didn’t have long to wait as the mysterious figure pulled his hood off. It was one of the blond cherub twins Jacob, the same boy that gave Bryan the white box yesterday and a really hot make out session too. The sexy 5 foot, 2 inch tall 13 year old Jacob shrugged off his cape, letting it fall to the floor and stood there naked and hard, in all his boyish glory. My cock betrayed me and stiffened up at the sight of his boyishly smooth body right on the edge of manhood. Bryan and Jacob just gazed at each other with lusty looks, both of their boy cocks bobbin up and down to their excited heart beats. My cock started to ache as I watched these two boys eye fuck each other. Then Jacob, not breaking eye contact with Bryan, climbed up and over Bryan like a cat hunting his prey, until he was hovering over my boy. They were breathing heavy with excitement as they felt each others warmth, their lusty energy mixing. The pause was unbearable for both boys as Bryan started to rub his legs against Jacob’s sides. Jacob couldn’t hold out anymore and pounced on my boy. They kissed madly as their arms and legs immediately began intertwining with each others, hands grabbing, Jacob’s perfect 13-year-old body, grinding and humping against my son’s hot 9 year old body. It was Lust in its purest form, released right before my eyes as the boys kissed, humped, and rubbed each other in wild abandon. Jacob suddenly pulled back with a wild look in his eyes. He sat all the ways back on his knees, Bryan’s legs were wide open and laying on the outside of Jacob’s legs. Jacob reached over and grabbed the crystal jar and scoped up some lube, then started to stroke his hard teen cock while both boys grinned like Cheshire cats at each other. Jacob stopped stroking his thick, 4 inch cock and leaned back as Mister Grossa stepped up with a small ornate box. Then he took a pinch of something from the box and sprinkled it on Jacob’s boy cock. “Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of want.” Mister Grossa chanted as he sprinkled Jacob`s lubed up cock with the mysterious white powder. The Brazilian took a few steps back as Jacob leaned forward and Bryan pulled his legs back, spreading them so Jacob had better access. Lining up his cock with my boy’s sphincter, Jacob closed the gap. He snugly pushed his little boy cock against my boy’s hole as both boys kept eye contact with each other. Jacob slowly pushed forward. “Mmmmmmm…” Bryan moaned out, his eyes got wide as he felt the sexy blonde boy enter him. Then Jacob bottomed out, his soft boyish hips firmly pushing against Bryan’s smooth boy ass. Jacob paused briefly, but then his hips started to pump, and Jacob started to make small high pitched grunts as he started to fuck. “Aaaaaaagh…Yeeesss!” Bryan moaned out as the young boy fucked him. They looked lost in each other’s eyes as Jacob picked up his pace, slamming his little hips into Bry’s nine year old ass. “Ohhhh, fuck me J!…uuungh fuck me gooood!” Bryan whimpered as Jacob fucked harder. Bryan wrapped his skinny, smooth coltish legs around Jacob’s waist to keep him close as Jacob got closer to the edge. It was as if Bryan was turned into a wild a****l and couldn’t get enough of Jacob’s cock or his fucking. Jacob started to gasp as both boys got a look of pure desperation on their faces, Bryan clawed at Jacob as the urge to cum was so close for the older boy. “AAAAAAGH UUUUUNGH I LLLOVE YOU BRY!” Jacob moaned out breathlessly, as he stared into Bryan’s eyes. His ass slammed one more time as his flexed into Bryan, unloading his young boy seed into my son. Jacob and Bryan started to kiss tenderly and passionately as they enjoyed the last moments of their joining. Jacob then smiled at Bryan and kissed him one last time. “Welcome to the group, you’re going to like the next one.” I heard Jacob whisper to Bryan before he slowly pulled out and stepped back from the bed. His cock still wet from the load he buried up Bryan’s ass. Jacob looked a bit wobbly as he tried to stand. He smiled and bowed to Bryan then grabbed his robe and mask and stepped down off the Alter. My body betrayed me as I rubbed my aching cock straining in my pants. My resolve to get him out of there was fading fast. I felt conflicted, horny and guilty all at the same time. Leif notice my conflicted look and poured me a glass of water. “Here, drink this.” Leif said to me as he handed me the glass. “It will help you relax.” He said with a smile. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was as I took a few big gulps. It tasted like it had a twist of lemon in it as I finished off the glass. As I handed Leif my empty glass I noticed an adult sized cloaked figure move into the shaft of soft red light at the foot of the bed. He too removed his mask revealing himself to Bryan first. Bry smiled as he recognized the person’s face. The figure then spread open his robe, I could see his 8 inch cock spring out as it pointed directly at my out stretched boy. I wondered if it was one of the Latino men I meet yesterday at the pool. He said Caleb and Jacob were his boys and I couldn’t imagine the boy there all by himself there. Leo, if I remembered his name correctly, had a nice all over tan and smooth muscular legs. Bryan’s eyes got wide as he smiled widely at the impressive cock bobbing in front of him. Did this mean Leo and maybe even Jack let their boys have sex with other men? Was I really not that alone in what was happening to my boys? Did this mean then all the men in the other room were freely sharing their own sons with the others? Holy shit! Did this also mean then they were also having sex with their own fathers? My hard-on was now leaking at the thought of Jack and Leo fucking their hot boys. What had I stumbled into? Mister Grossa approached the mysterious cloaked figure and took the crystal container of lube off the bed and proceeded to lube up the hard 8 inch cock. The figure moaned and hunched forward a bit when Grossa made a nice pull on it. Grossa then picked up the small snuff box and took a few pinches of what was inside and sprinkled the white powder all up and down the strangers hard 8 inches. “Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of desire.” Mister Grossa chanted as he sprinkled the hard cock with the mysterious white powder. Once Mister Grossa was finished he retreated back into the shadows. The hooded figure, with his arms still holding out his robe, climbed onto the bed and laid down over Bryan, the robe covering them both. I could still see the outline of Bryan’s knees under the robe on either side as of the mysterious cloaked figure’s ass. I could see the ass moving around as if lining up his cock for penetration into my son. The hooded figure and my son wear looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Then the hood lowered down and my son’s face disappeared as the mysterious figure started to kiss him. Then I heard it as I watched the ass between Bryan’s legs thrust forward. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHH!” Was all heard come from my son. His face hidden from view under the hood of the robe as the mystery man kissed Bryan. The ass pressed forward as Bryan’s legs clamped against the sides of the mystery man. “MMMMMMMM!…MMMMMMMMM!…MMMMMMMMM!” The muffled sounds of my boy in ecstasy were all I heard as I watched that ass move forcefully up and down between my boy’s legs under the robe. That hard 8 inch cock I just saw a moment ago was now fully inside my boy, pounding away at his hole, nice and deep. “Fuck! He’s really giving it to my son!” I thought to myself as I grabbed and squeezed my painfully hard cock through my pants. I felt like I was getting more and more hot and horny watching my boy. What had come over me? “Mmmmmph! MMMMMPH! Mmmmmmmm! MMMMMPH!” The stranger was now alternating his thrusts from hard jabs to slow thrusts. Then Bryan’s moans became clearer as the hooded lover pulled back from kissing him but was still hidden by the hood. I could hear the man grunting with each thrust as he fucked my boy good. The robe covering them rippled with the man’s fluid humping. It was so beautiful to watch mixed in with the sounds of my nine-year moaning in lust. “Awwwww…gwwaad…uuuuumgh…yeeeeah…mmmmmm…uuhhuuuh” The robed man pulled up off Bryan and braced himself over my boy as he started to make slow humping motions, working his cock deep inside my boy, pushing open the deepest parts of his boy colon. Bryan moaned with each push of the man’s hips as his thighs rubbed the stranger’s sides under the robe. The mystery man thrust forward one more time deep into Bryan, causing my boy to moan out as he locked his legs around the man’s waist under the robe. The mystery man then sat upright with Bryan still attached to him around his waist. The man finally slipped back his hood revealing the smiling Leonardo. My guess was right, it was the hot Latin dad I had met the previous night by the pool. He was all hot and sweaty as he slowly took off his robe while kneeling in front of my boy. Leo and Bryan where locked together, the man’s impressive 8 inch cock buried deep into my boy as Leonardo tossed the robe off and onto the floor. He then grabbed my boy’s hips and started to thrust into and out of Bryan’s hole, using him like his only personal flesh toy. Leonard’s muscular body flexed and strained as he fucked wildly into Bryan. Slap! “Aaaaagh!” SLAP! “Uuuuugh!” SLAP! “Aaaaagh!” SLAP! “Aaaaagh!” Leo was a man possessed as he fucked my boy. His nine year old body bounced and heaved as Leo slammed his hard cock deeply in and out of my boy. But it also looked like Bryan was fucking back as much as Leo was fucking him. Gripping Leo with his coltish boy legs as they started grunting loudly as he and Bryan fucked against each other. The unrelenting beat of this man and boy as they fucked their brains out. “Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh! “Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh! “Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh! “Nuuungh!” SLAP! “Aaaaaaaaagh! Suddenly Leo grabbed Bryan’s legs, pried them from his hips, and pushed then all the way back to his head as he leaned forward, keeping his cock in my boy the whole time. He leaned down and smothered my boy’s mouth, jamming his tongue into Bryan’s mouth. “Mmmmmpph!…Mmmmmpph!…Mmmmmpph! They sloppily made out as Leo started humping his 8 inch cock deep into my boy, keeping his hips pressed against my boy’s upturned ass. Bryan looked like a human pretzel the way he was bent back as Leo continued to hump into him. “Mmmmmpph!…Mmmmmpph!…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!” Bryan finally let out a loud moan as Leo stopped kissing and slammed deep into Bryan, holding his cock deep in my son. He leaned down to Bryan’s face and said in a low tone. “I bet Cali boy tastes good?” Leo said to Bryan. He then quickly shifted his body down, pulling his cock out completely, keeping Bry’s legs pinned back as he shoved his face into Bryan’s loose boy hole. Leo did it so quick it surprised Bryan. “OOOOoo GWWAAAAD! UUUUNNGH!” Bryan moaned out, tilting his head back with his mouth open as he felt Leo jam his tongue into his boy hole and started tongue fucking him. Leo pushed his face deeper into Bry’s ass as he began licking and probing the boy’s insides. Bryan gasped as the sensations of Leo’s tongue drove him crazy, his body straining against Leo`s firm grip. Bryan started pushing his ass up against Leo’s slurping mouth as he became a total slut for the man. Suddenly, Leo moved up over Bryan’s body and hovered over my boy. His hard dripping 8 inches bobbing with the beat of his heart as he lined up with Bryan’s stretched boy hole. Leo pressed forward gently, nuzzling the head of his hard cock against Bryan’s puffy ass lips. Leo looked like he was getting ready to do push ups over my boy as Bryan`s legs rested on Leo`s shoulders. Leo grinned at Bryan as he started to tease my boy’s hole with the tip of his cock. “What do you want boy?” As Leo pushed in just a bit, teasing Bryan’s hole with the tip of his cock then pulled back. “MMmmmmm…mmmore.” Bryan moaned. “What do you want?” Leo asked with a wide smile on his face, pushing forward again. This time pushing in a bit further into Bry’s sphincter then retreating again. “Oh god I neeeed your cock.” Pleaded the transformed, sex craved nine year old. “I don’t think you want it?” Leo teased with a wide grin as he pushed forward again, this time making the crown of his hard cock penetrate Bryan, stretching his sensitive hole, and then pulled out. “MMMmmmmm…aaaaaghh gwaaad…pp..ppleassse… yy…your cock.” Bryan gasped out with a look of frustration on his face. “You want…THIS!” “AAAAaaaaaaggghhh!” Bryan let out a loud moan as Leo punctuating his last word by thrusting the head of his cock past Bryan’s tender boy hole, then pulling it just outside the entrance not breaking contact. “YYyyyeaaah…uuuuungh…I neeed your cock!” Bryan finally moaned out, his bent back body straining against Leo’s hold as the Latin man grinned at how his cock was making my boy react. My boy wanted that cock so bad. I felt so horny watching this as I rubbed my hard cock through my pants. “I don’t think you want it?” Leo said taunting my boy as Bryan looked up at Leo with pleading eyes. güvenilir bahis “I don’t think you want…THIS!” “UUuuuuuuuuuungh! UH! FUCK I WANT IT!” Bryan finally moaned out as Leo thrust into the boy again and pulled out. “You want THIS?!” Leo grunted as he started to push in and out of my boy. But he was only pushing his thick cock head in and out of Bryan’s hole. Mercilessly ridge fucking it in and out of Bryan’s quivering sphincter. “UUUUUNGH! GGGAWD! FFFUCK MMME! UUUUUNGH! AAAAAGH!” Bryan loudly moaned uncontrollably as Leo ridge fucked my boy with the large purple head of his eight inch cock. “FFFUCK MMMEE! AAAAAGHH! GGGAWWD! FFFUCK MEE!!” Bryan clawed at Leo’s body begging for more But Leo didn’t give my boy the satisfaction of his whole cock yet. He just kept teasing my boy unrelentingly with his bulbous tip making Bryan writher and squirm for more under Leo’s firm hold. “You want this?” Leo gasped as he finally started showing signs of getting close as he continued to ridge fuck my bent back boy then stopped with his head firmly lodged inside. “You want my cock?” Leo moaned as his sensitive head started to betray him. “FFFUCK MMME!” The nine year old whimpered with pleading eyes as he continued to claw at Leo’s arms and torso for more. Leo’s face faded to a look of lust as he leaned down and passionately kissed Bryan while still keeping his cock head lodged just inside my boy’s entrance. Then as Bryan started to relax into the Leo’s kissing the man hunched his hips forward burying half his cock into Bryan, and making my boy groan. “You like that slut?” Leo gasped, pulling back from kissing Bry as he continued to fuck the rest of his hard eight inches into my boy. “UUUNGH! YYYEAH! UUUUNNGH! FFFUCK ME! AAAAGH!” Bryan howled as Leo started to long dick him. The wet sloppy sounds of Bryan’s ass being brutally fucked by Leo’s hard stick flowed out over the speakers making my cock leak. “FFFUCK ME! FFFUCK ME!! FUCCK MMmmmmmmmmmph!” Bryan’s voice grew muffled as Leo began to kiss my son again. Leo started to really grunt as his body fully humped back and forth, his muscular ass flexing and pumping, getting ready to breed my boy. Their grunts and groans increased as Leo and Bryan fucked each other faster and faster, as they became one in their own sea of lust. “MMMMMPH!! MMMMMMPH!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Leo’s grunts and thrusts became longer and more deliberate until Leo jammed his hips forward with an awesome grunt, lifting himself up slightly as he ground his hips into my boy’s ass. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as Leo unloaded deep into my boy. “Uuuungh!…Your such a hot boy Bryan.” Leo whimpered as his hips slowed down as his cock continued to pump his seed into Bryan. “Welcome to our family my sexy boy.” He said with a warm smile as he leaned down and kissed Bryan gently on the lips. Bryan and Leo stayed like that, locked together, as they enjoyed the sensations of being bound to one another. My cock ached as I watched them locked together in their post fucking bliss. Leo gave Bryan one last kiss on his lips then slowly let go of Bryan’s legs. He gently pulled out his deflated eight inch cock and climbed off my boy. He then stood at the foot of the bed and bowed to Bryan, who was now laid out with his arms and legs spread eagle across the red round bed. Bryan had a look of pure love on his face as Leo winked at Bry then turned and steeped down off the bed alter and receded back into the darkness of the room. Mister Grossa stepped up to the bed, he was still naked but now his eleven inch cock was firm and hard, and oh so impressive. He smiled down on Bryan, as my boy smiled up at Mister Grossa eying the Brazilian man’s erect cock like he was drunk with lust. Mister Grossa opened his arms wide as he started to speak. “Welcome my son. Welcome to us.” Grossa said as he gestured to the other cloaked figures against the wall. “You are now ready for the final step.” “After this, you will be officially a part of our family, and you will be my son, my filho. As are all the boys you’ve meet since you got here, they are my sons and soon you will be too.” Grossa said with a warm smile. Bryan smiled excitedly as he rubbed his hard cock u*********sly. Mister Grossa then climbed up onto the bed as Bryan made room for him. Grossa sat with his legs crossed in the middle of the round bed, his hard 11 inch cock standing erect against his stomach. Grossa also grabbed the fancy crystal lube jar and the small pouch he used earlier for Jacob and Leo and placed it next to him on the bed. Bryan was sitting next to him in awe of the monster cock sprouting from Mister Grossa’s lap. “Come sit on my lap meu filho.” Mister Grossa said to Bryan, who quickly climbed up on the Brazilian man’s lap facing him. Grossa’s hard cock was rubbing against Bryan’s stomach and chest as Bryan felt the hot, hard flesh touch him. “You are so beautiful my boy.” Grossa said, as Bryan finally looked up into Grossa’s eyes as the man brushed back some of Bry’s matted sweaty hair from his face. They both paused, the look of anticipation on both their faces was overwhelming as they slowly leaned into each other sandwiching Grossa’s hard cock between their bodies. They were so close to kissing as they savored the moment right before their lips touched. “I want you Bryan Thompson; I want you to be my son.” Grossa groaned with such need and lust just before pulling my boy against him as they finally kissed passionately, Grossa’s thick cock rolling between their bodies. He then pulled back still holding my boy in his arms. “For you to be truly my son,” Grossa said smiling at Bryan, pausing as he gazed into my son’s lust filled eyes. “And part of our family,” he said stretching out his arm indicating all the people in the room. “You must demonstrate how much you truly want to be part of our family.” It seemed to take a minute before Bryan’s lust filled brain processed what Grossa was saying. My young boy’s face suddenly burst into a massive grin. I had only seen that face a couple of times before, when I had given him a Christmas present that he had been begging and longing for almost the entire year. It was the look of total complete happiness and pleasure at receiving his heart’s desire. Grossa continued. “To become part of our family, you must face a challenge, to prove your worthiness.” Grossa said with a serious look on his face. “You must give yourself willingly to minha besta.” Grossa said as he glanced down at his hard cock then back up to Bryan. “You must conquer minha besta.” He said with a smile. “Become one with minha besta” He paused and then leaned in and kissed Bryan on the lips. “…and with me.” He whispered with a smile. “I accept the challenge.” Bryan said breathlessly with a focused look and a hint of excitement in his voice. “Good my boy. Once you willingly submit to minha besta you will be my son.” Grossa said with a grin as he lightly rubbed the side of Bryan’s face. Bryan leaned into his touch like a cat again, wanting to be petted. “Now, my boy. You must prepare minha besta.” Grossa said as he took the crystal jar next to him on the bed and gave it to Bryan. Bryan looked at it for a second, tilted his head slightly and smiled a dirty smile as he scooped up some lube and then started applying it to minha besta. Bryan slowly stroked that thick 11 inch cock up and down with his one hand, like a boy discovering something for the first time, causing Mister Grossa to grunt and moan. “MMMmmm. . .Yyyyesss my boy. Your doing well.” Grossa moaned out. Bryan set the jar down and scooped up more lube in both hands and started to really stroke Grossa’s besta. Bryan looked like a boy possessed as he concentrated on coating every part of that throbbing cock with lube. Grossa regained his composure and focused on Bryan as he spoke. “Now my boy…mmmmmm…take the bag…ooooogh…next to you on the bed.” Grossa grunted as he tried to control his feelings. Bryan reached down with his lube covered hands and picked up the pouch. “Take some of the powder and sprinkle it on minha besta.” Bryan reached in and took a generous pinch of it and started to sprinkle it on top of Grossa’s besta. As Bryan did this Grossa started chanting. “Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of desire.” Bryan finished sprinkling the white powder on the lubed up cock but it was way more than what Grossa had put on before. “Minha besta is ready.” Grossa said breathlessly as leaned back on his hands, his hard 11 inch cock now bobbing with his heart beat. “Give yourself to minha besta, show you want to belong to our family.” Grossa said with a lusty smile. Bryan grinned and then stood up on the bed standing over Grossa. My boy then stepped over the man, straddling his waist with that huge cock now pointing right at my boy’s small ass. “How in the hell is Bryan going to get that huge monster in him?” I thought to myself as the anticipation of seeing this got me more and more excited. Bryan reached back and gently guided minha besta between his ass checks as he slowly sat down on it. The head slowly pushed into Bryan’s boy cheeks slowly disappearing until it stopped. “UUUnnnnnnn!” Bryan moaned in a bit of pain at his first try. He quickly pulled off. Even though Bryan had been well fucked by Leo, the head of the besta was thicker than my boy had thought. But Bryan wasn’t finished yet as he reached back and pushed in three of his fingers, loosening his boy hole and spreading his ass juices and cum all over his entrance. As he did this he guided the besta back to his hole while still keeping three fingers in. Then Bryan pushed the tip into his hole while quickly removing his fingers. The amazing sight of the besta entering Bryan unfolded before my eyes as the head finally squeezed into my nine year old boy. “AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH! UUUngh! SSSOO BBBIIG!” Both Grossa and Bryan moaned out as the head of the besta was now lodged inside my boy. Bryan’s legs strained as the feeling of having this huge cock in him sent shock waves through his system. “OOOHH! It kinda stings!” Bryan grimaced as he braced himself on Grossa’s shoulders pausing to catch his breath. “Yeees, your doing well my boy. Relax and let minha besta.” Mister Grossa moaned out as he carefully watched Bryan’s expressions. Bryan held his standing position for moment longer then he started to push back on the thick meat. “Uuuuuuuungh…” Bryan moaned out as two more inches slowly disappeared inside him. “Yes my boy, show your daddy how good you are.” Grossa said with a far off look in his eyes as he watched my determined son slowly fuck himself further down onto his thick eleven inch cock. I could see ass juices leaking out from Bryan’s ass as his boy hole opened up even more to accept the besta. “Yyyeeesss, let minha besta inside you. Open up for him my boy.” Grossa moaned as he watched Bryan start to intensify his pushing back on that eleven inch cock. My boy’s legs bending more and more as the huge flesh tube starts to slip inside him. “Aaaaaaagh Fffuuck! …huuuungh ssso big.” Bryan groaned as he was now half way down the thick shaft. His boy hole looking obscenely strained as he continued to fuck himself down on it. “I want you so bad daddy.” Bryan whimpered as he leaned forward and sloppily kissed Grossa as the massive cock continued to slip inside my nine year old. Bryan using the term daddy with Grossa caused a twinge of jealousy inside me. But my cock was overruling my sense of judgment as I rubbed it in my pants watching the debauchery my son was now a part of unfolding before my eyes. “Yyyyeeeesssss let it in my boy, so close to being a part of us.” Grossa moaned breathlessly to Bryan as they broke from kissing. “Uuuuuuuuugh! Mmmmmmmm FFFuuuck!” Bryan continued to groan as that hard thick cock continued to push deeper up into my boy, rearranging his insides as it did so. He now had more than half of it in him, and Bryan started to slowly fuck up and down on it, working it in deeper and deeper. Aaaaaaaaagh gwwaaadd! Soooo bbbig! Mmmmmmmmgh!” Bryan was being pushed to his limit as the massive cock slipped further and further inside him. Grossa had a lust crazed look as he watched this nine year old boy willingly fuck himself down on his cock. “Yeeeesss my boy, your doing well.” Grossa purred as Bryan squatted over him with more than half his cock lodged in the boy. Bryan was defiantly being pushed to his limits, I’d seen my boy take large cocks before but nothing like this. “MMMMmmgh! FUUUUCK! AAAAAAAAGH!” Bryan really started to grunt and moan, like a switch had been flipped, as he started to force fuck the rest of Grossa’s thick cock into him. My boy was fucking like a crazed a****l. Grinding his ass down then pulling back up then forcing his ass back down again. “Yyeeees my boy! Your feeeeling Aonghus`s powder…uuuuummm…how he works his magic!” Grossa panted out as Bryan was now doing deep knee bends up and down on Grossa’s cock while moaning out the whole time. “AAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAGH!” Bryan was a boy possessed as the “power” kicked in slamming himself down on Grossa’s cock harder and harder, fucking it deeper into him with each downward plunge. Bryan still couldn’t get down to the base, he still had two inches of that massive cock he just couldn’t quite get into him. “UUUUUUNGH! GOTTA GET IT ALL! UUUUUUMMM!” Bryan groaned in pain as he tried to sit on it all the way. But those last two inches just wouldn’t slip inside him. My boy tried a few more times but then just sat on Grossa’s cock, slumping forward resting his head on Grossa’s chest as he breathed hard trying to recover. My poor boy needed to rest. Grossa tilted up Bryan’s face so they were looking at each other, he then kissed Bryan tenderly opening Bryan’s mouth with his tongue. Their kissing grew more passionate as Bryan regained his composure. Grossa then pulled back, my boy looked so out of it at that point. So turned on and desperate to have that besta in him. “You are doing well my boy. I think it’s time for me to take you the rest of the way.” Mister Grossa said with a smile as he kissed my boy one last time. Bryan smiled weakly as the man held my boy and laid him on his back on the round red bed. My boy’s legs spread wide with his ass pointing up with that thick Brazilian cock still fully lodged inside my boy. Mister Grossa leaning over my boy, ready to push those last two inches into Bry. “Time for your to become one with minah besta.” Mister Grossa said with a lusty tone as he started to push forward with his hips. “aaaaaAAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!” Bryan’s moans turned into cries as Grossa slowly pushed his besta deeper into my boy, slowly fucking the last two inches into my nine year old son. “Yeeeesss, relax my son. Take daddy’s cock. Feel me inside you.” As Grossa started to thrust harder, jamming his cock deeper. Spreading Bryan’s tight colon muscles deep inside him., pushing Bry to his limit “AAAAAAGH!”…pant…pant…pant… “AAAAAAAGH!”…pant…pant…pant… “AAAAAAAGH!” Bryan panted mixed with cries of pain as Grossa force fucked his hard cock deeper. “Shit! I had to stop this! He’s r****g my boy!” I thought to myself, but I was to turned on, a part of me deep down wanted to see this. I was so damn hard and leaking watching my boy get taken like this. Grossa took my boy and held him by the shoulders, his body dwarfing my son’s small nine year old body, and really started to push minah besta hard into my boy, “SSOOO BBBBIIGGUUUUUUUUGH!! FUUUUCK!!! AAAAAAAAAGGH!!!” Screamed Bryan, as Grossa worked the last two inches into his small nine year old body. Bryan’s legs clamped around Grossa’s waist as his hands clawed at Grossa’s back. Grossa then started fucking Bryan with wild hard thrusts, just pounding into my boy. Bryan was experiencing pure unrelentingly fucking from an eleven inch cock. “AAAAAAAGGGHHH!! FUUUUUUCCCKKK!! AAAAAAAGGGHHH!!” Bryan continued to scream as I watched the Brazilian man hump forward, pushing the last inch of Grossa’s cock up into Bryan’s ass until he finally bottomed out. . “UUUUUUUNNNNNGH!! HHHHUUUUUGGGHH!” Bryan started to pant heavily, his eyes wide in disbelief as he tried to comprehend what had just happened to him. Grossa’s hips were now mashed up against Bryan’s ass as my boy`s body clawed and strained under the Brazilian man`s body. “You have all of mina besta now.” Grossa said in low grunting tone as he started to slowly fuck the last two inches in and out of Bryan. Bryan tried to smile but could only groan as the large blunt flesh rearranged his insides, making him feel the fullest he’d ever been in his young life. Grossa increased his speed as he fucked hard into Bryan. Then, as if a switch had been flipped, Bryan’s tone changed. “AAAAAAGH! AAAAAAGH! FFFFUUUCK MMMMEEEE?” Bryan loudly moaned out as Grossa kept a steady rhythm fucking him. Bottoming out and pulling back, as the man humped his 11 inch cock into and out of my 9 year old boy. “Whoo doo yyyou waaanntt to ffffuck yoou?” Grossa asked Bryan breathlessly as he humped my boy. “YUUOOOU! MMMMMMPPPHH!” Bryan replied as the sensations of overwhelming pleasure started to take over Bryan. “I am…uuuungh… your daddy now…mmmmm …who do you want fucking you?” Grossa asked Bryan. “MMmmmmmm…yoooou daaadddy…mmmmmmm!” Bryan panted, as his whole body seemed to want that cock now. Grossa smiled then leaned down and kissed my boy hard on the lips, it was a hard passionate kiss as Grossa continued to plow my boy deep. Grossa pulled back finally. “Yeeeessss, to be my son I need to breed you my boy.” Grossa said with a wild look in his eyes. “Share my seed with you.” The man started to hunch forward, making Bryan’s wide spread legs bounce up and down. “Who do you want boy?” Grossa said as he fucked harder into Bryan. “UUUUMMMM! YYYYOU DDDAAADY!” Bryan said in a pleading tone as the huge cock stretched and probed the deepest parts of my boy. Grossa then started to long dick Bryan. Pulling out five inches then pushing back in. Grossa was unrelenting as his hips looked like a perfect fucking machine, his ass flexing and humping into my boy. Mister Grossa started to whisper to my boy as they fucked staring into each other’s eyes, their mouths almost touching. “Your mine now.” “MMmmmm…yes daddy!” Bryan said breathlessly, his face all sweaty. “You belong to me now boy.” “Yeeesss, you’re my daddy nooow.” Bryan cooed “Yes, we are now one.” “Uuuuungh…fffuck meee daaddeee.” Bryan groaned with lust. “Your such a good boy, I’d be honored to be your daddy.” Grossa grunted as he started to show signs of getting close. “Fuuuck meeee daddy! Fuuuck me haaard!” I heard Bryan whisper to Grossa desperately. “As you wish my son.” Grossa said to Bryan as he increased his fucking. Long dicking my boy hard and deep. FFFFFUUUUCK YYYEAAH DDDAADY! FFFFFUCK MMEEEE DDDAAADDY!!!” The sounds of Bryan’s desperate moans, mixed with the sounds of Mister Grossa’s hips slapping against Bryan’s small ass filled the room and spilled out from the speakers. “Yeah you like minah besta don’t you son?” Grossa grunted as he increased his speed, slamming his hips hard against Bryan’s ass. “AAAAAAAGH!! DDAAAADDDY FFFUUUUCCKKK MMMMEEEE!!” Bryan hissed, his little body in the throws of ecstasy as he gripped Grossa’s humping torso. “Yeeessssss, o meu filho agora, you belong to besta.” Grossa grunted as he pushed harder and more desperately into Bryan. “OOoooooo…ddaaaadddy fffffuuuucckkk mmmeeee!” Bryan mumbled endlessly over and over again as Grossa was starting to look like he was getting close to breeding my boy. “Yyyyeeeesss my sexy boy…uuuuungh…work daddies cock with your ass…yyyyeaah!!” Grossa suddenly groaned and paused, with his cock buried balls deep in my boy with a dazed, lust filled look on his face. He leaned down and slopply kissed Bryan, as he began to take powerful thrusts into my boy. Grossa didn’t pull back either, he kept his hips pushed hard against Bryan’s ass, thrust his cock as deep as it would go. Bryan`s legs were forced back and flopped loosely as Grossa fucked them into their own lust filled world. Just the two of them gazing at each other as they felt themselves become one. Grossa stared deeply into Bryan’s eyes, brushing his lips gently against Bryan’s lips, both feeling each others breath as they fucked. “I love you soooooo muuuuuch my son. . . .uuuuuuuungh. . . . . . . I waaaant yooou aaaas my son.” Grossa whimpered out as he slowed his thrusting and kissed Bryan again. Grossa suddenly grunted and arched his head back. “UUUUUUUUUUNNGGGGHHHH!!!” The Brazilian man groaned out loudly as his ass hunched forward and pressed down onto Bryan’s body. Grossa’s ass clenching, as he pumped his seed deep into my boy. I was hypnotized by Grossa’s ass pumping as he continued to shoot wad after wad into my boy. The humping slowed as Grossa came down from his climax. Bryan and Grossa where now tightly hugging and kissing each other as Grossa kept himself fully inside Bryan. They actually looked like one tight ball of flesh. They had become one. “You are now my son Bryan. You belong to me now.” Grossa purred, Bryan smiled with a happy tired look as man and boy kissed. Watching them joined like that I felt jealous, but also angry and a bit sad with myself for not being there for my son. I wished I could have shared that moment with him. To be joined like that, together, with him. Sitting there watching them made me realize this for the first time. I sat there defeated, and a few tears fell from my eyes as I realized how I missed out on being with my son. Leif’s voice brought me back to the present. “He has learned to share himself and will now be able to share himself with some important men. And you frank, will gain so much now.” Leif said as he rubbed my shoulders for support. “But he’s my son and he shouldn’t have to go through all this just for my benefit. I sold my son just to secure a business deal. What type of father am I to do this.” “You are a good father Frank, not many fathers would offer such freedom as you have given Bryan. He now knows he is part of something greater,” Leif said giving me a smile as I turned back to the room. Bryan and Grossa continued to stay locked together as the other members of the group finally started moving towards the big round red bed. As they did they all started dropping their robes, revealing the tall figures as men and the smaller cloaked figures as boys. But they all kept their half-masks on as they approached the round red bed from all sides. I was shocked at the amount of men and boys that approached the bed. I thought there was only a few but it looked like their were at least twenty men and boys now climbing on the bed. I quickly lost site of Grossa and Bryan as they converged on the two of them. Then the curtains began to close, the last image was a pile of men and boys groping and stroking on that huge red bed. I looked at Leif as the curtains finally sealed off the room. “I`m to escort you back to the resort, the limo is waiting outside.” Leif said with a smile as he gestured to the door. I must have had a sad look on my face as Leif started to look concerned. “Bryan is now my brother just like all of those in there with him. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a father like you to do this for me. I was an orphan who Mr. Grossa found and honored me by allowing me to join and share with him.” Leif then knelt in front of me. “Come with me and let me share with you what Bryan has experienced,” With that Leif stood taking my hand in his and guided me out of the room. The sounds of pleasure were left behind as the door to viewing area shut behind us sealing off the sound. We quietly walked down the bare hallway, out past the living room we first met Mister Grossa. I was in a daze as Leif escorted me through the huge front door as we left the imposing white house. I couldn’t believe I was leaving my son behind in the middle of that orgy. Was I gong to see my boy again? What was happening to him right now? My heart raced as my mind filled with impossible images of my nine year old in a sea of sex happening in the house I just left. “Oh shit.” I thought.

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