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Watching the Neighbor 5

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Watching the Neighbor 5After Linda asked me to stop down on Friday evening, I assumed she wanted me to babysit again. BOY was I wrong! When I arrived at her door, I was invited in, and she asked me to sit down, I listened for her k**s, but there was no sounds, She offered me a drink, (something she had NEVER done before), I said I was good.She sat down across from me, and asked point blank, “What, did you do with my step daughter?” I immediately reddened, and stammered “N n nothing, Why?” “Well, she mentioned, that she had thought that she had been cleaned up, after her date, a couple weeks ago, and that she didn’t remember doing it herself” I just stared at her, and told her I had no idea. Then in an effort to change the subject, I asked where the k**s were at. After I was told that Grandma had them for the weekend, she demanded I tell her what happened! “I swear, I have no idea what you are talking about!” I could tell she was NOT buying that. But at the same time she just sat there quietly, as if contemplating, what her next move was.We sat there, not saying anything, for about 10 minutes, and I said “If I am not going to babysit, I am going to go back home.” “NO” she said, she said it so sharply, I jumped. “OKAY, what do you want?” That is when she said “I KNOW, what you did to her, and I know what you did to me.” My mouth just dropped open, and again I said, I didn’t know what she was talking about.She got up, and turned on the computer on her desk, “You didn’t know I had a nanny cam in my bedroom did you?” I just looked at her, and she tapped a couple keys, and there I was laying Michelle, on the bed. She was, of course, naked. Then it showed me leave and come back with her clothes and where I had left them on the floor. I was devastated, and then it showed me leaning over the girl and eating her sweet pussy. I didn’t know what I could have said, at that point, but then it also showed me carry her to the bed, and eat HER pussy also. That is when she asked me “WHY, didn’t you fuck either of us?” I just told her, “I didn’t want to take advantage of an u*********s woman,” To which, she just laughed, “So it was okay to eat our pussies, but we weren’t good enough to fuck?” Again I just shrugged.She told me that Michelle does not know about the nanny cam, but after she had told her about waking clean, she was curious. I asked her “What are you going to do about this?’ thinking she may try to blackmail me or worse tell Jim (her BF). She just said “I want to have you eat my pussy, and then fuck me!” I was speechless, then I smiled, and asked, “Michelle too?” “Maybe later, when she gets home from her date, but right now I want to be eaten and fucked!”I, of course, was all for that, and we went to the bedroom, and I looked around to see if I could see where the nanny cam was at. Linda saw me and said “Cant find it can you?” but then I remembered the angle of the view I saw on her computer, and looked at her nightstand, and there was just an alarm clock there, I had to smile, I took off my shirt, and threw it over the clock, and thereby (I hoped)blocked, any chance of giving her anything else, she could hold against me.When Linda came into the bedroom, she was taking her clothes off, When she was awake, she looked even better, than when she was drunk! I laid her back on van escort the bed, and started to kiss her, but she didn’t want that, so I dropped to those magnificent tits of hers, they seemed to defy gravity! I swear they stuck straight out! I sucked her tits and her nipples got so hard I could hang a hanger on them! Then I slid down and smelled her pussy, it smelled so sweet, and with a swipe of my tongue, she screamed out her orgasm, I then went to town on that sweet cleft, and damn did she get wet. I sucked her clit, till it was as hard as my cock, then worked my way back up her body to her tits, and again I tried to kiss her, and again she wouldn’t kiss me, so I felt there was nothing else to do, so I slipped my larger than average cock, into her body. “AAAAHHHH” was the only sound she made. I looked and saw I was just about ½ way into her so I pulled back and slammed it home. Her eyes got real big, then she closed them tight, I just held still enjoying what had to be the tightest pussy, that I had been into, in many years. I could feel her inner walls fluttering, so I started slowly working my hips back, and then back in again, slowly stroking her, till I felt her humping up at me, and then I went faster, and faster, pounding her into the mattress, she screamed again, and again “OH GAWD, OH GAWD” I just kept slamming my cock into her, she screamed, she was cumming, and when she reached her peak, she seemed to pass out. I saw this, and just slowly pulled my still hard cock out, and looked at her, making sure she was okay. I went into the bathroom, and washed my cock, took a piss, and went back, to check on Linda. She was breathing and had a look of satisfaction on her face. I grabbed my clothes and went back to the living room and sat down. I had just dressed when in walked Michelle. She asked “Where’s mom?” I told her she was asleep, in the bedroom, so she went and checked on her too. She came back and asked me “WHAT, did you do to her?” I just smiled and said nothing. I wasn’t sure what she knew, or didn’t know, about the nanny cam, but when she came back into the room, she asked me ” would I show her how, sex was supposed to be.”I told her to go get her nightgown on, and we could begin. She was back in I swear, 30 seconds, but it was probably a few minutes. damn she looked good, almost naked like that! I said “Did you just get fucked? and did you have an orgasm?” she said “YES and NO” I just shook my head. I asked how many boys she had been with, “3” ,was her reply. I wanted to ask when she had her first, but thought better of that, as I didn’t want to embarrass her, So I asked if she kissed her boyfriends? “Yes” was her reply. “Did you suck their cocks?” She said the second and third guy she did, but the last guy said she was no good, so she would not do it again for him. I told her “I don’t blame you” “Have you EVER, experienced an orgasm?” “You mean when I was with a guy?” “Well, yeah.” “No” she said. “Well, do you masturbate?” she got red in the face, and just nodded affirmative. “So you know what it feels like” Again she nodded yes. “Well lets get started, take off your gown” She whipped that thing off like it was on fire. I just stared at those sweet titties, capped with jelly bean nipples, and then looked down at her wet, freshly diyarbakır escort fucked pussy, and damn if I didn’t get another hard on, that would bust a diamond!”Lay down” I asked her. she complied quickly. “This is what you should tell your boyfriends to do, when you feel like having sex” I took her left tit in my hand, and manipulated her nipple, while kissing her. ( she would kiss me, but her Mom wouldn’t. Go figure) I sucked on her tit, till she started to moan, and then went to the right side, and kept it up, then I kissed down her belly, till I reached her wet cleft. That pussy was so small, and delicate looking, I wasn’t sure that I would NOT be able to get my cock in her. But, when I licked around her mound, the way she bucked and moaned, made me believe she was made for sex!. I latched onto her clit, and held on tight! She was thrashing around, like I had stuck a live wire into her pussy, and I just kept on sucking her clit.I started to hear her start with the mantra her mom had “OH GAWD, OH GAWD” I kept going till she screamed out her orgasm, and then to my surprise, she SQUIRTED!! I waited until she had calmed down a bit, then I slid back up and asked “Are you ready to be fucked properly?” “YES!” was her enthusiastic answer. I eased my cock to her pussy, and slowly tried to get it in, Let me tell you that pussy was twice as tight as her mom’s and that was I swear the tightest! As I slowly was able to get about 2 inches into her she screamed out another “OH GAWD, OH GAWD, OH GAWD” I stopped, and allowed her pussy to get used to the size, and when her breathing calmed down, I slid another inch or two in to her, then started to slowly saw in and out, going deeper with every stroke. When I finally bottomed out in her pussy, She was having trouble breathing, or so it seemed, so I asked her if she was alright, as she was looking at me all glassy eyed, and said “YES” I eased back about ½ and then slammed it back into her, she tightened up and came once again, I started slowly sawing in and out of her pussy, and it seemed that every time I bottomed out in her, she had another orgasm. I was really getting up a good rhythm, when all of a sudden, I was touched on the shoulder, and I damn near died on the spot! I whipped my head around, and there was her mom, standing behind me, naked and smiling. I needless to say, lost my hard on, and I slipped out of the girls pussy, and really thought I had been fucked! Linda said to me “Is she as good as I am?” I really didn’t know how to answer that, so I just remained quiet. I sat back on the couch and looked at Michelle and then back at Linda. Michelle was starting to awaken, and looked at Linda and immediately looked embarrassed, I asked her “How was that?” “GAWD” was all she could say. “Now, do you see why I didn’t want to try to do anything in 20 minutes?” Her reply was “GAWD” again. Linda said “Do you want to go back into the bedroom, and finish what you started?” I just said “Both of you?” “YES” was their stereo answer.We went back into the bedroom, and Linda asked if she had given me any head. I just shook my head negatively, so she said “Watch me” to Michelle. As she watched, Linda took my flaccid cock in her hand, and jacked me slowly, while she was telling Michelle, that ısparta escort she needed to do this to improve the pleasure of the guy, and they will in turn, give you more pleasure. When Linda slipped my cock into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the head, and even though Michelle couldn’t see that, she told her what she was doing, then pulled her mouth off and asked her to try the same thing, when Michelle slipped her mouth over the head of my cock, she didn’t quite have her mouth open enough, and her teeth sc****d my cock, and although mildly uncomfortable, when she started swirling her tongue, I forgot all about the pain. Linda was still holding my cock, and was steadily telling her what to do, and when she told her to go deeper, I asked that she open wider, and to watch her teeth. Linda then told her, that keeping your mouth open wide, is key to not scr****g your teeth on the guys cock.When I was as hard as I was earlier, Linda asked “Can I go first?” Michelle said, “OKAY” I Laid on my back and told Linda to get on, as I slipped my cock back into Linda’s pussy, she started to purr. As she was getting a good rhythm going, I asked Michelle to sit on my face, as she slipped her leg over my head, I could see she still was oozing cum from her earlier fun with her boyfriend, but that just makes it taste better. She settled down, and I started sucking on her pussy, and Linda was bouncing on my cock, I was no where near cumming, when Michelle started to squirt again, I damn near drowned. I slipped Michelle upwards to catch a breath, and I caught sight of Linda holding her tits, and I saw that Michelle, was holding Linda’s tits too, THAT was hot!Linda bounced on my cock for a few more minutes, then told Michelle to trade with her. As Michelle lowered her impossibly tight pussy, down onto my cock, we both let out moans of pleasure. To my and her surprise she bottomed out on her first drop, then she just sat there, looking down at the juncture of our loins. Linda asked her what it felt like to her. “It feels like I have a post stuck in me, Gawd he is big!” as she started to pump on my cock, the feeling that I was finally going to cum, she began to get a good stride going and then she shouted out, “OH MY GAWD, I AM CUMMING,” as she came, she was squirting again, at the feel of that pussy juice flying around, I too was able to blow my load deep into her pussy, I had to hold her still, while my super sensitive cock blasted my baby batter into her.I said “Damn, that was FANTASTIC! as I slowly started to deflate, and slip out of her pussy, Linda grabbed her, and laid her down on the bed, and she dove into her pussy slurping up not only her cum but mine too! I never knew that Linda liked to eat pussy, let alone a creampie! As Michelle was laying there Linda said “You gotta lick his cock clean, after his being so nice to give such wonderful orgasms” Michelle beckoned me over to her mouth, and licked me from stem to stern, and cleaned my cock as well as a washcloth!After Linda had gotten Michelle’s pussy all clean, she told me it was late, and I needed to go home, before her boyfriend got off work. I agreed kissed them both, and got dressed and left. I went around to the back of their house,and looked into the window, just in time to see them kissing, and Michelle had a finger or two in Linda’s pussy. It was about then, I heard the loud pipes, of Linda’s boyfriend coming home, as I looked the girls, had broke apart, and scrambled, to slip on their nightgowns, before Jim walked in. I was happy so I went home. I had no problem with rolling out of bed that night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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