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WRESTLING WITH RYANOne warm sunny afternoon my girlfriend, Cindy, and I were lying naked in the backyard by the small pool enjoying the peace when her cellphone rang. “Hi Pamela, how are you? …. Of course, come on over, we’re just hanging out by the pool. We’d love to see you. … Sure, bring him over too. It’d be nice to meet him. See you in a bit …. Oooh, really! Can’t wait to see it.”“Can’t wait to see what?” I asked intrigued.“Pamela’s bringing over another one of her young men and apparently he has a massive cock, so I was just saying I was looking forward to seeing it.”That made me laugh. Pamela was one of Cindy’s best friends, not beautiful, slightly masculine-looking, but extremely sexy with a voracious appetite for young men, late teens early twenties, whom she used just for sexual satisfaction. She looked upon herself as an educator. I’d always had the hots for her but stood no chance, and not because she was a friend of Cindy – we led a very liberal lifestyle – but she really only wanted the young ones. She’d sometimes take two or three at a time.A few minutes later we heard her motor bike at the garden gate and a hoot of the horn. I got up to go and open it, and in rode Pamela on a big Suzuki with the young man behind. After switching off the engine, they got off and she stood the bike up. We hugged each other and she gave my cock a friendly squeeze. She was a friendly sort. She introduced her friend, Ryan. Cindy came over to greet them. “Ooh, look at those nipples,” she joked. It’s true, Cindy had the most suckable ones imaginable, and they stuck out like accusing fingers. “You’re in good shape, Phil,” she said. It was true, for a guy in his mid-sixties, I was looking good. “Ryan works out too.”We went over sinop escort to the pool. Pamela took off her tank top revealing the most perfect pair of tits. They must have cost a fortune. She lowered her shorts, revealing a waxed pussy, and was now totally naked. “Could I use your toilet, please?” asked Ryan. I took him into the house and showed him to it. He had on a tank top and Lycra shorts. It was true. The bulge was impressive. He looked about equal to me in strength, nice biceps, good legs, but, sadly, I couldn’t compete with him in the genital department. “Come over to the pool when you’re done.”I joined Cindy and Pamela on the loungers. They were discussing Ryan, particularly his physical attributes. “Wow, it’s really thick and it’s the best anal I’ve ever had.” And she must have had a few. “Try not to look too surprised when he takes his shorts off.” A few minutes later, Ryan came out. “Come and join us, Sweetie!” He took off his tank top. He had quite a nice chest, and nice arms. He was not a bodybuilder but looked fit and athletic. He had a very pleasant, slightly effeminate face. He was very good-looking young lad. He told us he was twenty-two, about twenty-three years younger than Pamela, and Cindy. If only I’d had an educator like that when I was young.Now the awaited moment; down came the shorts. Cindy’s eyes were riveted. If she was trying not to look surprised, she was making a piss poor job of it. I had never seen her eyes so wide open, not even when I sodomized her. He put his hand under his balls to loosen them. His mighty cock swung like Big Ben’s pendulum. The shaft was thick and the head, thankfully, was small, which must have facilitated penetration. He was cut and mainly sivas escort shaven, except for a little fuzz above the cock. His balls were smooth and hung to about halfway down his penis. Pamela grinned slyly, as she saw Cindy’s reaction. I was quite moved myself but couldn’t bring myself to say anything. There was a strange silence for a few seconds until Pamela stroked it, saying, “Not bad, eh!” We all laughed.-We hung around the pool and swam for a couple of hours. I really liked Ryan. He was easy to get along with, good sense of humor, and he complimented me on my physical shape, which boosted my ego no end. I rather got the impression that he might be bisexual, as he his gaze was often prolonged, and I noticed he often looked at my cock. He told me he was getting into wrestling and was aiming to make the college team. He was just spending a few weeks on the coast before heading back to school. He said he’d been having a great time with Pamela, which I took to mean that he was having great sex, the like of which he probably wouldn’t get aagain for a very long time.Ryan and I were chatting in the pool when Cindy said she was just going to take Pamela to the supermarket to do some shopping and then would drop it off Pamela’s house which was close by, as she couldn’t take all the stuff on the bike. “We’ll be back in about an hour. Have fun boys!”“Let me teach you some wrestling,” Ryan suggested. We got out of the pool and went to the lawn to get started. I had never wrestled in my life and he soon had his arms around my middle. He was about the same height as me, and I could feel his mighty thing against my less than mighty one. Many people had told me mine was a nice shape, though. He got şırnak escort me in all kinds of holds. Sometimes I felt his cock along my butt crack, against my legs, on my stomach and I could have sworn I felt a swelling in it. I was feeling quite aroused myself and I had the beginnings of an erection. I think he noticed too. He finally managed to pin my shoulders on the ground with his knees, so his cock was over my mouth. Should I bite, suck it, lick it? He started to playfully slap my face with. It was quite painful, as it was pretty heavy. To prevent him from inflicting too much damage, I took the head in my mouth, licked the tip and sucked. He was soon as hard as a rock and pointing skywards, so I licked his balls instead. He was squirming with pleasure. He rolled off me and lay on his back. I took his mighty thing in my mouth and caressed his balls, just as I loved Cindy doing it to me. We then lay on our sides and performed a 69. It was amazing. “Do you want me take your butt?”“You’re k**ding,” I said. “You’d rip me apart.”“Pamela likes it.” I’ll bet!“Just finish me with a hand job,” I begged. In a couple of minutes I was done. Some of sperm came out, but then for a guy of my age! Then it was my turn to do him. The thickness was amazing. As he was about to come, his penis jerked like an anti-aircraft gun. He roared as he shot a long stream way out across the lawn. I sucked his tip dry as it subsided. He seemed exhausted. He lay on the grass as I gently massaged his back. “We’d better have a shower before the women get back.”-This was my first gay experience, and one to cherish. I never told Cindy about it and luckily it rained heavily that night which washed the sperm on the lawn away.That night I gave Cindy a night to remember. She didn’t know what had come over me, as I was behaving like an oversexed young bull. What an effect the experience had had on me I don’t know if she ever suspected anything. Maybe my experience with Ryan would encourage me to take up wrestling…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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